Barnier: “Brexit doesn’t have winners, bidai is a defeat”. And the case of Scotland is broken


The Brexit novel is over.

while Details of trade agreement between the European Union and the United Kingdom are revealed And we are awaiting ratification by the respective parliaments, there is a sense of relief in the air.

Brussels and London wanted an agreement at all costs to avoid stormy relations beginning on 1 January 2021.

“There is no winner, Brexit is a defeat”

explain Michelle barnier, The main Brexit negotiator of the European Union.

“Both sides have achieved their goals”

Comment analyst David HennigDirector of the UK Trade Policy Project.
“I think both sides could be happy with the deal, because they had, in principle, what they wanted. Britain has some freedom movement, albeit limited, and the EU has the freedom to intervene if the United Kingdom acquires The benefits are deemed to be unfair from their autonomy ”.

Many European countries have welcomed, with a sigh of relief, that the trade agreement was concluded at the last minute on Christmas Eve.

Scotland’s desire for independence is on the rise

But concerns for London now come from the north.
Scotland, who voted “live“, To stay in Europe, he now wants a new referendum. And, this time, the separatists can do so.

Point of view Henry gray, A supporter of the independence of Scotland.

“There has been a huge increase in sentiment for Scottish independence, certainly for me as well. I have had this feeling before, but the Brexit referendum has convinced me of Scotland which needs to be independent. I think That we can be guided. ” Better by Scotland. It would be nice to feel part of the European Union again and perhaps we would be invited to return, hopefully, to be part of the European Union. I’m in favor of this, definitely. “

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Final referendum, 2014 and new election, 2021

The last referendum for Scottish independence took place on 18 September 2014: NOs clearly won, with 55.30% of the votes, with 44.70% of the YES.

Seven years later, however, things may be different.
And, of course, a possible referendum cannot be held for 2021, perhaps for 2022.
“A sufficiently long period of time to evaluate first effects”Brexit made in Scotland “, I.e. the impact of the EU exit for Scotland.
In any case, the passage of elections for the scheduled Scottish Parliament on 6 May 2021 is decisive.
If he The nationalScottish party Of premiere Nikola Sturgeon Should elections get an electoral victory, the referendum for independence would also be close.

Against the epidemic, in the same direction

In addition to the “independence” problems with Scotland, with the end of Brexit, now the United Kingdom and Europe can focus solely on the fight against the epidemic, a dramatic story in which both, at least at the moment, are in the same direction. I am moving forward.


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