BdB calls for one lakh urban trees

BdB calls for one lakh urban trees

The United Nations Climate Change Conference (COP26) ended last week in Glasgow, Scotland. The Association of German Tree Nurseries (BDB) has taken this as an opportunity to call for a nationwide emergency program during which one million city trees are to be planted in Germany.

BDB calls for tatkal schedule

Climate change has a global grip on populations, and discussions are ongoing about reversing global warming. At the 26th UN Climate Summit in Glasgow last week, global strategies to combat climate change were discussed between the governments of member states. “Politicians must act now and actively address the challenges posed by climate change,” emphasized BDB President Helmut Selders in context. The political perspective is primarily based on a long-term view and often purely technical solutions. According to BDB, however, additional, complementary optimization strategies are needed. Accordingly, the association is calling for a nationwide urgent program to plant one lakh street trees.

The volume is estimated at around one billion euros.

In order to respond appropriately to climate change, it is necessary to maintain and, above all, to further develop the green infrastructure of German cities. This infrastructure has already suffered a lot from climate change, which is why it is necessary to start working here. In particular, the extreme heat of recent years has particularly affected and permanently damaged trees and shrubs in cities. In Berlin alone, 20,000 city trees are lost every year. Action in this area is highly needed for BdB to sustain important functions such as CO2 binding, oxygen production, cooling and shedding in urban centers in the future. The Association estimates the amount of the urgent program needed to be around one billion euros.

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“The trees of the city make an indispensable contribution to this”

“For cities to remain livable, there is a need for a significant green infrastructure. City trees make an indispensable contribution to this. Last summer means there is a great need for newly planted urban trees, which must be met quickly,” Selders continues.


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