Beattie thinks about the suspicious circumstances that ended her contract

Beattie revient sur les circonstances douteuses qui ont mis un terme à son contrat

Like Mike Brown most recently with Harlequin, John Beatty was also sacked at the time from his club Aviron Beyoncé. For Rugbypass, he tells of a sudden and unexpected end to his career. The former Scottish international, with 38 caps, was Beyoncé’s captain in the Pro D2 final, which his team won. But despite the victory and rise to the French rugby elite in the top 14, the former Basque captain said he was already surprised by the coach’s return at the end of the meeting: “At the end of the match, I waited behind two teammates to pass doping control and the team just left without us. France is the only country where the team manager does not count players before leaving the stadium. Especially since I was the captain of the team at that time! “. But he won’t hold it against it, and prefers to take advantage of the club’s top 14 rise with his teammates, he points out, still for rugbypass: “That day, we still managed to get to Beyoncé and celebrate as if we had won the World Cup. We were received on the balcony of the town hall, invited everywhere for a week, eaten like kings Gaya, talked about what we would do when we came back to the top 14. That was the story.

But unfortunately the fairy tale is not going to last very long for the old third line. After the title week, Beatty, like all her peers, has the right to a three-week holiday. He then took the opportunity to go to Portugal with his family. And this is when his career will end in a completely unpredictable and cruel way, as he told our British colleagues: “I’m at the beach a week before the presidency starts, and I get a presidential call. I don’t remember the exact words, but it sounded something like this:You are old, you are not a jiff, we are about to set you on fire. We need columns for next year, we signed Census Johnson and we gave him your contract. We are going to invent a serious mistake to get you out or you can accept a compensation of 30% and leave. If you want to go to court, I hope you have enough money to support your wife, your children, and pay your rent because it takes you two years to be compensated by the courts. We do not want you back for preseason “”, Before continuing “I was treated this way after winning a title. I was 34, I was not jiffy and it was too late to find a club. I ended my career that way.”

Montpellier and the former Castres players, for economic reasons, consider the end of their careers to be: “Now I understand that this is a business decision and I think the way it was communicated was a bit spoiled by Mike Brown’s conversation.”, Before closing “However, I knew, to come to France and deal with this type of people, it could happen”.


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