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Bergamo heats up the engines: European tests in Piazzatore on Sunday, Italians on the 25th

Bergamo heats up the engines: European tests in Piazzatore on Sunday, Italians on the 25th

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On Wednesday 7 September the double event organized by the Bergamo Moto Club in Lazaretto will be presented: it begins with the Continental Championship on Saturday 10 and Sunday 11. Tirangari Enduro in Shilpario.

two events in two weeks: Bergamo will be in the center of the engine. Saturday 10 and Sunday 11 September The fifth and final stage of the European Testing Championships in Piazzatore. The fifth and final round of the Italian Enduro Championships will take place on Sunday 25 September in Shilpario Major category (more than 35). The common denominator is the organizational signature of the Bergamo Moto Club which Wednesday 7 September at the presentation press conference in Lazzaretto launched the dual appointment With President Giuliano Piccinini, Deputy Pierluigi Rotigni, Regional Councilor Lara Magoni, Regional Councilor Alex Gallizzi, Federal Representative of Federmoto Nico Pellandi, Mayor of Piazzatore Valeriano Bianchi and Deputy Mayor of Shilpario Onorino Bonaldi. “Bergamo has always been synonymous with excellence in this area – underlined Commissioner Magoni – thanks to these developments produce interesting repercussions for tourism and the local economy”.

There are 110 participating in the European Championship, among them Lorenzo Gondola from Como and Francesco Cabrini from Treviolo from Bergamo. On Saturday 10th, young girls and youth will run, on Sunday 11th the drivers of Junior Cup and 40 Over Cup will be on the stage., The Continental Championships have so far stopped in Spain, France, the Isle of Man and Scotland.

The tricolor enduro race will arrive in Bergamo after those to be held in Albenga, Massa Maritima, Busi sul Tirrino and Gualdo Tadino. In this case, initially the rider was 250 . will be more thanBruntino Tullio Pellegrinelli (Ultraveteran 4 strokes), champions including Azurri (Ultraveteran 2 strokes), former Sovereign Renato Peguri, Brescia team Norelli Maurizio Casaratelli (Expert 250 4 strokes). Among the teams, Bergamo Moto Club – along with Pellegrinelli, Mirco Gritti, Carmelo Mazzolani and David Marangoni – are in second place, 16 points behind Mack Ragni Fabriano.

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