Big bench on Lario, new giant bench in Zelbio

Big bench on Lario, new giant bench in Zelbio

Third big bench on Lario. 2021 which has just come to an end has certainly been exuberant for those who love this type of tourism. There are now three new spacious benches in the province of Como, in Bellagio, Centro Valle Intelvi and Zelbio. One phenomenon, that of the Big Bench, is, in continual expansion, with more and more people – so-called “curved bench players”, who take trips or holidays to the areas where these structures are located.

Big bench on Lario, but it all started in Piedmont

Big Bench Community ProjectTee was born out of an idea by American designer Chris Bangle and his wife, Katherine. The couple has lived in Piedmont since 2009 and proposed the first giant bench in Clavesana in 2010. Since that day, 189 have been placed in almost the whole of Italy, but there is no shortage in Scotland and Poland. The proposed locations are carefully selected. Obtaining authorization to form a larger bench requires following a series of strict parameters, even if the first is a suggestive panorama. The basic idea is to contribute to the local economy and tourism. As mentioned, there are many fans and usually they associate the pleasure of a visit – perhaps with a taste of specific cuisines – with photos of the local giant benches. And to rise and become immortal is not only – as you can imagine – children, but people of all ages.

Large bench on Lario, three places to travel

The Big Bench on Lario: the first two structures inaugurated in recent months at Bellagio (bench number 137) and Centro Valle Intelvi (166) have already benefited from this success with the public. Now zelbio has been added a few weeks ago (185). Destinations that one can probably reach during these vacation days for a walk in places that are still beautiful. Intelli Valley on one side, Lariano Triangle on the other.
Zelbio’s last born, is located in Pian del Tivano, and has already been nicknamed the “Giant Sunset Bench”. Behind it are the mountains of Lake Como, which present a special color in the sunset hours: Monte di Carreo, Monte Colmagnon, Monte di Binet, Monte Janeiroso and Monte d’Rimento. Opposite, however, in addition to the panoramic view of Pian del Tivano, you can see Monte San Primo (the highest peak of the Larian Triangle, with its 1,681 meters), Monte Lot, Cima del Costón and Monte Dorado.

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Here is the season for the beginning of 2022 in the province of Comos

Description of Zelbio Bench
Among fans of Alta Valle Intelli’s Big Bench is singer-songwriter Marco Ferradini, who is, among other things, originally from that region.


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