Big Success for Glasgow Rangers Fan Token Bitci . launched on

 Big Success for Glasgow Rangers Fan Token Bitci .  launched on

(by Guido Paolo de Felice) – In an economically complex time for the football world, clubs able to harness the potential offered by new technologies, such as blockchain, achieving some significant satisfaction. One of these companies is represented by Glasgow RangersMILF’s most titled club Scotland, which earlier this year signed a partnership agreement with Turkish cryptocurrency exchange Bitty.

as planned, fan token For fans of the iconic Scottish club, for a net worth of £2.6 million. during this ICO (initial coin offering)A total of 20 million tokens were issued on the platform, each worth 0.15 US cents.

As Bitty CEO Altan Tan told Rangers’ official website a few days later, “Fan tokens were shattered within seconds of launch

Commercial director James Bisgrove revealed that it “significant income“For Rangers And This Was The One”Record“Sports in the world of cryptocurrencies.

The Scottish company has confirmed that in the coming months additional Fan Tokens will be issued which will be available for their fans to purchase and thus be able to actively participate in the life of the club, and create unique and exclusive memorabilia and experiences. Will win

After partnering with Rangers, Bitty announced similar partnerships with fan tokens for other major sports teams including the Brazil national team, Spanish national team, Uruguay national football team, Wolverhampton Premier League football team, Real Betis of. Team in La Liga and F1, McLaren.

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