Bob Dylan back on tour after five years: Smartphone ban

Bob Dylan back on tour after five years: Smartphone ban

The legendary American singer-songwriter and Nobel Prize in Literature 81-year-old is set to return to the stage after a long absence with a new banter for his fans. Viewers’ phones will be placed in a Yondr case, which specifically blocks access to the devices (which will still be in their owner’s possession).

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Bob Dylan is back on tour after a five-year hiatus, but the real news is not (only) his spectacular return to the stage, but unconditional condition To enjoy one of his concerts: no smartphone.
This is a rule imposed on the audience by the great American singer-songwriter and Nobel Prize in Literature, 81.
Dylan has apparently banned the audience’s phone, which will be kept in the Yondra case. The latter specifically blocks access to smartphones (which will still be in the possession of their owner).

The Reason? It’s unlikely this is a publicity stunt for Yondr affairs (because potential Bob Dylan viewers aren’t taking it very well, in an era when people often take to Instagram and TikTok to post testimonials of their appearance at concerts) go in).

The singer-songwriter of the Songwriters did not make this decision over time at all as he wanted to allow the public to “fully enjoy his shows of touring”. Rough and Rowdy Methods without distraction,” writes journalist Geraint Llewellyn in the British newspaper Daily Mail.

But forcing fans to lock their devices especially in the provided cases may not be the right move, who knows…

Bob Dylan’s 2022 Tour


Record auction for debut recording of Bob Dylan, Bloin’ In the Wind

As reported by Bob Dylan’s official website, the tour will begin on September 25, 2022 in Oslo, Norway. Which made some users of the social network smile, who saw Oslo’s choice as a joke (but erroneously, we’ll soon explain why).

There are those who wonder why Bob Dylan did not appear at the Oslo City Hall, where the Nobel Prize was awarded, when he was awarded this prestigious award, on 13 October 2016 for literature “creating new expressions”. for” was received. Poetry within the great tradition of American song”. But in fact the Nobel Peace Prize is awarded only in Oslo, while physics, chemistry, medicine, economics and even literature are given in Stockholm (of the various Nobel Prizes). The cities were chosen by Alfred Nobel himself).So it is not possible to tease anyone in this matter.

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After the first stop in Oslo, Stockholm is … On 27 September, as the second leg of the tour, Bob Dylan will play in a city he did not visit in 2016 to collect the Nobel.

After opening dances in Norway and Sweden (he will be in Gothenburg on 29), it will be Denmark’s turn (in Copenhagen on 30 September), followed by a play in Paris on 11, 12 and 13 October. On 15 October it will be in Belgium, then in Brussels, then in the Netherlands, in Amsterdam (on 16 and 17 October).

author of immortal classics like knocking on heaven’s door (Though there are those who know him more for Guns ‘n’ Roses than for Bob Dylan, with all due respect to the Nobel Prize…) He was there for four evenings at London’s famous Palladium from 19 to 24 October. Will play , after which she would perform in arenas across the UK. Cardiff, Hull and Nottingham (26, 27 and 28 October), finally culminating in Glasgow, Scotland on 30 and 31 October. So the grand finale will take place at the SEC Armadillo in Glasgow, on Halloween, on the occasion of the Night of the Witches. Not Italy then.

The last time the musician played on British soil was co-headlining with Neil Young in 2019 at London’s BST Hyde Park. He was in the UK five years earlier, with his latest tour, the “Never Ending Tour”.

Tourism resumes after pandemic


Nobel Prize Winner Bob Dylan Sold List of Recordings to Sony

After being forced to postpone concerts in 2020 due to a surge in Covid-19 cases, the folk singer resumed world tours starting in the United States last March.
An official statement released at the time read: “To all our fans: In the interest of public health and safety and after several attempts to reschedule these shows to a viable time this year, it is with great regret that We announce that The Bod Dylan Show, originally scheduled for June/July, has been cancelled. We look forward to getting back on tour as soon as possible, once we are confident it will be up to the fans and concert staff. Safe for both.”

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visit Rough and Rowdy Methods


Bob Dylan announces new book The Philosophy of Modern Song

The current tour is to bring live Rough and Rowdy Methodshis first original music studio album from storm of 2012.
Meanwhile, the singer lay Lady Lay A veteran of the resounding success of the auction of the new recording of his mega hit of 1963, viz. Blowin in the windSold in London for a whopping amount of 1.48 million pounds ($1.78 million).

How to Use a Smartphone at a Bob Dylan Concert


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Bob Dylan concert goers will have to keep their smartphones in the Yondre case, which will specifically block access.
The phones will then be in the possession of their owner, but they cannot be accessed.

To use them, you have to go back to the “Lock and Unlock” station, then go to the “Phone Access Area,” as De Geraint Llewellyn explains. Daily Mail.

yondr case


Bob Dylan, a vinyl with two unreleased versions of “Blind Willie McTell”

This isn’t the first time Yondr’s lock-in cases have come to the fore in show business.

Since its launch, this particular bag has been used by high-profile artists including American comedians Dave Chappelle and Hannibal Buress.

Chappell explained to CBS that electronic devices became so disturbed during the performance that he adopted a “no cell phone” rule.
So Yondra bags are now mandatory at all Chapel shows.


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