Bolognamania: Hickeys, record sales! , a league

Bolognamania: Hickey, cessione da record!

And so, after the first corruption (Full Bench lycogianis From Cagliaried) the first sale also comes and for a figure which will allow the treasury of bologna To Breathe: Scottish Defender hickeyIn fact, it will land brentford for a shape around 22 million euros,

There has been much discussion about player transfers with several clubs in recent weeks. Italy and in Chieftain Contact him: Firstarmory but with which bologna Never having managed to reach an economic settlement, 16 were actually millions offered by the English club, to which the Rossobly company responded. “No, thank you” Waiting to find a club that can pay the desired amount.

So it was bologna without haste he knew how to wait and found brentford leeAs for his ideal solution: it is useless to underline the importance of the figure on which Rosobli managed to close the club, the result of the work of a manager who knows very well what he needs to do to bring it back bologna UP. Sertori In fact, already from this operation, it is demonstrating its full value.

now only official missing but soon hickey will leave for medical examinations in England and bologna He will work on how to reinvest the proceeds to make the team competitive next season. Meanwhile, the day before yesterday the team (with the exception of the national teams) found itself in castledbole For the start of works pending departure for Pinzolo. i arrived Sinisa MihajlovicDischarged from the hospital but still struggling to beat leukemia for good. “I want a nice weather” his words were bologna Everything will have to be done to give it to him.

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