Boris Johnson on the ropes: a flurry of resignations in the UK government. But the prime minister does not intend to go

 Boris Johnson on the ropes: a flurry of resignations in the UK government.  But the prime minister does not intend to go

London – All down trajectory for Boris Johnson. The future of the British prime minister hangs in the balance following the sudden resignations of Chancellor of the Exchequer Rishi Sunak and Health Minister Sajid Javid, followed by the resignation of the party’s vice-president and several under-secretaries. More than 30 people, including ministers, under secretaries and senior officials, have resigned in the last 24 hours.

Even the interior minister, Priti Patel, the Tory government’s super hawk who has so far been counted among Boris Johnson’s loyalists, called on the premier to resign on the evening of 6 July, following the repercussions. was facing a crisis. Pincher scandal and wave of resignation in the team. BBC report. Johnson, who met various ministers in Downing Street tonight, received them one by one, and who throughout the day insisted on rejecting any hypothesis of resignation, unanimously according to media rumours, on the part of his ministers. Responded in spades to the throw request. Towel in light of the fallout of the Pincher scandal and the wave of resignations in the Tory team. Further defection is expected after a record 14 ministers and deputy ministers were released within 24 hours (compared to 11 done by the previous government in 1932). According to the BBC report, the prime minister does not intend to give up in the face of “extremely important issues” that the country is facing.

Johnson, as always, immediately appointed a replacement – ​​the former education minister, Nadim Zahvi, is the new chancellor and the premier’s loyalist, Steve Barkley, is the new health minister.

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However, according to several British media reports, Michael Gove, one of the Tories’ most influential members, also called on the premier to step down. In short, the future of «BoJo» is being marked. But Johnson fired him in the evening. The Tory exponent, who was Johnson’s rival in the 2019 leadership election following the resignation of Theresa May, told the prime minister today that he needed to step down. and pay for it.

Doubts about the fate of the prime minister (and the government)

The intention is to move forward, but in this heated atmosphere and with fresh resignations expected later in the day, there are many doubts about the government’s ability. “The government is collapsing,” said opposition Labor leader Keir Starmer, who called for an early election.


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