Boris Johnson rebukes Labor. The pace of segregation is slowing down in Scotland too

Il premier conservatore Boris Johson ad Hartlepool dopo la vittoria dei conservatori nello storico seggio laburista

Conservative Premier Boris Johnson in Hartlepool after Conservative victory in historic Labor seat – Reuters

The future of England is the “Blue Tory”. This attests to the results of local elections, which are still partial, which on Thursday brought 48 million British to the polls. The first election round of the Brexit and post-Covid era rewarded the Conservative Party, which, in the wake of its two-year electoral success, managed to snatch the parliamentary seat of Hartlepool from Labor. In Durhamo’s “Red” County, and other local governments from generations to Labor.

Blue wave can also be felt in Wales and Scotland. The result of the vote to renew the Edinburgh and Cardiff parliaments is expected today, but by some estimates, the Tories may have managed to erode consensus for Welsh Labor and the Scottish National Party as well, which rests on the hope of getting a majority To hold a new referendum on independence. Some estimates indicate that the separatists should not get a majority for the six seats.
The election, Premier Boris Johnson remarked, “rewarded the government and our priorities”.

Brexit, vaccines, work: the recipe, they say, with which the premier has secured his seat in Downing Street for another ten years. hit score For Hartlepool Supplements It was sensational though announced. In the 2016 referendum on Brexit, 70% of voters in this constituency, represented in Westminster by Labor since it was founded in 1974, voted in favor of ‘Leave’. The passion to bid farewell to the European Union returned to the front pages of the newspapers in the last days of the election campaign London and Paris clash over fishingConservative candidate Jill Mortimer, a landowner who lived in the Cayman Islands and the Caribbean, won 52% of the vote, defeating her rival Paul Williams by nearly 7,000 votes.

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She will be the first woman to represent a district in the class with a stellar industrial and maritime past, which today has an unemployment rate of 9% (average 4.5%). The Tories have also won in Harlow, Essex, which is traditionally seen as an indicator of the national mood, and in several townships in Northumberland, Blackburn, Redditch, Dudley, Nuneaton and Bedworth counties. For the Advancement of Conservatives He also handed over the Clay Cross stronghold in Derbyshire., the land of “revolutionary” socialist miners like David Skinner. On the one hand there are those who point the finger at the fragility of the Labor Party: the shadow of Corbynism, the very delicate leadership of the current secretary, Keir Starmer, “a good lawyer without any political talent”, remarks those who are now in his head. Ask for, the restoration to the center that has abandoned the arguments of the Left.

Labor managed to get Liverpool elected Britain’s first black female mayor, Joan Anderson, and will likely cash in on the re-confirmation of Sadiq Khan as head of London. In reality, though, as Starmer himself admitted, “he has lost the confidence of the working class.” On the other hand, there are those who adore Bozo, who was also untainted by his apartment renovation scandal, the ability to stop a social change that has been going on on the island for some time and season it with practicality. . What you need to stay in the saddle: Keep promises. “We have completed Brexit – thanks to which we will be able to continue working our way up to vaccines as we did for vaccines,” recalled the Premier speaking on the ruins of Labor in Hartlepool.

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