Boris Johnson Threatened From Within?

Boris Johnson Threatened From Within?

Should this be seen as a sign of a return to normalcy in the United Kingdom? For several days, reitornlows of political scandals have eclipsed the orgy of coronovirus deaths and the hopes of a vigorous vaccination campaign. A week before local elections, the very architects of this return to normalcy are found at the heart of the unrest.

Cascading scam

On Wednesday 28 April, the British Election Commission opened an investigation against the Conservative Prime Minister for funding funds for the renovation of his apartment at 11 Downing Street – 10 Downing Street, being deemed small by the couple, the Prime Minister’s general residence. Boris Johnson would have exceeded the £ 30,000 (34,500 €) limit of public expenditure authorized to do this work. The British media estimates the cost of the operation at 200,000 pounds (230,000 €). On suspicion of being filled with remaining charges with donations from Conservative Party supporters, Boris Johnson defended himself in front of the depot: “I have personally paid for the renovation of Downing Street. (…) I fully comply with the Code of Conduct and the Ministerial Code. “

He will also have to answer to the allegations about his management of the health crisis. “I’d rather let thousands of dead stacks end up in a new fucking imprisonment!” “He may have launched in the fall of 2020 at the end of a crisis meeting to decide on the country’s second imprisonment, according to several sources. Boris Johnson strongly denied it.

His former mentor Dominic Cummings further alleged, On their blog, To block an internal investigation into media leaks of plans for second imprisonment. « If confirmed it is henry newman (One of his political advisers, editor’s note), So I should send her back and this will get me into really big trouble with Carrie (Symonds, his companion, editor’s note) Because they are best friends “, Reportedly told him Boris Johnson.

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Five points drop in election in a week

Withdrawn from the government in November, the head of Brexit settled his accounts. Dominic Cummings said he is ready for it “To testify under oath” How Boris Johnson and his teams handled the epidemic before the parliamentary committee in late May. A week before the May 6 local elections, the coup embarrassed the Prime Minister’s camp.

According to a survey by Evening Standard, The Conservative Party would have fallen five points in a week. But he is still far ahead of Labor, “Very divided and without a clear message”As, Elizabeth Gibson-Morgan, professor at the University of Poitiers in British Civilization and the meaning of the law of English-speaking countries. For him, scandals will certainly have little impact on the vote. maximum “Do they risk encouraging the rhetoric of Scottish nationalists”.

Boris Johnson, protesting at Half Mast, can face his opponents calmly and calmly. “We must remember her nickname: Boris Teflon. All the blunders slide on it as a teflon pan down”, Lance Bernard Croce, Lecturer of British Civilization at the University of Paris-Nantre. And if the British trust in their Prime Minister has deteriorated, “What do they all interest above the Kovid, the reopening of the country and the economic outlook” In light of Brexit, he remembers.


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