Boris Johnson Visiting Scotland – Worried about unity?

Boris Johnson Visiting Scotland - Worried about unity?

Cancer Less than a year after assuming office, British Prime Minister Boris Johnson traveled to Scotland on Thursday. He initially arrived at Orkney Island. According to reports, the conservative heads of government are concerned about the unity of their country. Surveys in recent weeks have shown that a slim majority of Scots are now in favor of secession from the United Kingdom.

According to John Curtis, election researcher at the University of Glasgow, Johnson’s handling of the coronovirus epidemic in Glasgow is thought to be comparatively poor.

At the BBC, the head of government highlighted the central government’s contribution to the fight against the economic consequences of the epidemic. As an example, he cited London’s notion of wages for workers on leave. Referring to his own work, Johnson said, “I think the union’s strengths are fantastic.”

Scottish Prime Minister Nicola Sturgeon of the Scottish National Party SNP welcomed the Prime Minister’s visit. The politician outlined one of the main arguments for Scottish independence, the politician said on Twitter. He has the ability to make his own decisions on the part of the country.

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