Boris Johnson without a mask in the police station, this may be the detail for you…

Boris Johnson without a mask in the police station, this may be the detail for you...

A type of fish

Boris Johnson is completely crumpled, but to whom? Set in a police station in Uxbridge, a town in north-west London, he thinks about the security problems faced by the police officers around him, the economic hardships associated with Brexit, or the serial political scandals caused by its regular spate. . health rules? Judging by the absence of masks on their faces, it doesn’t seem that it is the coronavirus and its pain that is really bothering them.

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golden helmet

It is easy to clearly identify the source of our own problems. How not to wonder about the meaning of this hair and this color? Also, is the latter really natural? A few weeks ago, doubts arose when said mane had taken on a curious green tint under fluorescent lighting. Hairdressers know that such a phenomenon can appear with chemical dyes. That’s what they are choosing with their living room lighting.


A modest mug is placed on the table in front of the Prime Minister. A few inches in front of a Uxbridge policeman, another equally modest mug. The ideal opportunity to recall an attractive person as a result of studies conducted regularly in the United Kingdom. Thus, it is accepted that we drink about 100 million cups of tea daily in the country. That is, one fifth of the world’s daily consumption. Which means a lot for a country with a population of 67 million.

big chessboard

Boris Johnson’s neighbor has what is called an Anglo-Saxon in his neck. de Kravet, or a derivative, more feminine, of the tie. It is covered with a checkerboard pattern which is not trivial. baptism silito tartan, It was introduced in the uniform of the Scottish Police in 1932 for quick identification of officers. It was quickly recovered by authorities across the United Kingdom and then carried to conquer the world by agents in Australia, Spain, Norway, Brazil, Canada, Denmark, Brunei and the United States.

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safety clip

Note, since we are there, that day kravati The agents in question are not tied. it’s a model clip on, Just cut The same goes for the policeman’s black tie in the background. A stylistic heresy? Yes, but she can explain herself. For safety reasons, and to prevent strangulation attempts, all ties worn by police officers around the world and for many decades are clip-on. not stupid.

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