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Vienna (OTS) – Today’s decision in the Council of Ministers to introduce a one-way deposit system from 2025 describes the PG Pfandsystemgesellschaft as a milestone in Austrian environmental policy. Christian Abel, Managing Director of PG says, “After nearly two years of firm commitment, we have been able to bring most of the decision makers on board and not just limit the withdrawal options of the future one-sided deposit model to vending machines. appeal.” in retail.

Amendments to the Austrian Waste Management Act were passed today, the culmination of a year and a half of intense discussions for the PG Pfandsystemgesellschaft, which began with the first roundtable at the Ministry of Climate Protection in June 2020. “The fact that together we were able to encourage so many important partners in a constructive conversation to abandon their negative attitude towards deposits on one-sided beverage packaging is a great merit of our experts, but further development There is also a powerful impetus for a modern and sustainable circular economy that will benefit everyone – packaging manufacturers, beverage manufacturers, retailers, but above all consumers,” says PG Managing Director.

Starting shot for a modern recycling concept

“What at first glance looks like a necessary systemic solution for beverage packaging is actually a revolution in the Austrian circular economy. The one-way deposit system for all packaging in Austria is also an early sign for a modern recycling concept – it is the only way This is how we can consistently achieve the European Union’s circular economy goals and meet the ecological needs of a modern European society,” says Abel with conviction.

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Currently, about 70 percent of all one-way beverage packaging is collected in Austria. In European countries with one-way deposit systems, however, the collection rate averages 91 percent. Ten European countries (Norway, Iceland, Sweden, Finland, Denmark, Netherlands, Estonia, Lithuania, Germany, Croatia) already operate one-way deposit systems, and this year they will be rolled out in Malta and Scotland as well.

Deposit system is not limited to trading

The one-way deposit system protects the environment and brings significant savings potential to the economy, as the valuable raw material for the production of bottles and cans remains in cycle and is not constantly bought or imported from overseas. “Austria must ensure that the deposit model of the future brings benefits to all. For this reason, we need to integrate deposit machines with digital solutions. In this way, we ensure that small retailers and as many citizens as possible The one-way deposit model should not be limited to retail in any way, but should be rolled out to other public places and events as well. PG has already prepared specific implementation proposals for the system to benefit the entire division ,” Abel explains.

Raising awareness for recycling

According to the managing director of PG, Austria should use the time until 2025 not only to develop an efficient deposit system solution, but also to educate the population about correct collection and recycling practices. “We have to be aware that in a functioning circular economy, every PET bottle or aluminum can is valuable. This value is not only monetary, but above all ecological, because bringing in as much beverage packaging as possible into the circular economy Our environment is protected and more economical use of valuable resources is encouraged,” Abel said in the conclusion.

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Thanks to the extensive expertise and international network of the PG deposit system company, Abel also sees the possibility of creating a model for other countries with the Austrian unilateral deposit system.

PG. About this

PG Pfandsystemgesellschaft mbH (ÖPG) is a company of the Rann Group for the installation and operation of deposit systems for all products to be collected, recycled or reused properly and safely by means of disposable or reusable systems . The company, which was established in January 2020, is completely independent of existing systems and enables manufacturers, recyclers and other stakeholders to participate independently in future deposit systems. more information: [www.oepg-pfandsystem.at] (http://www.oepg-pfandsystem.at)


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