Brexit: Doubt of the Hauts-de-France region

Même l'orchestre national de Lille a été mis à contribution. Moyennant 350.000 euros, une tournée d'une semaine a été programmée en janvier dernier, entre Birmingham, Newcastle, Leeds ou Sheffield.

Posted on October 22, 2020 at 3:11 pm

In Hauts-de-France, Brexit Eldorado has transformed into a Scottish shower. Only three years ago, the region and the business community did not hide their ambition to benefit the region’s economy between the United Kingdom and Europe. “We want to go and tell the London business community that the forces of Hauts-de-France are reaching those who want to strengthen their relations with the continent”On the eve of the visit in May 2017 by a delegation of 250 northern economic decision-makers, Jean-Pierre Laterre, president of the Greater Lily Committee, was announced.

General mobilization

On the occasion, Xavier Bertrand, the region’s president, Damien Christen, president of the urban community and Lille’s mayor, Martine Aubry, all traveled to mark the region’s commitment to the “transparison” area. And since then? Nothing, or almost.

Lille’s candidacy for hosting the European Medicine Agency swayed in favor of Amsterdam. An internal survey showed that in the eyes of the agency’s staff, the northern capital was not “British-friendly” enough.

At the industrial or commercial level, there have been very few cases. At Kallis, there are only two locations, MET, a controlling company, and EEPCO, specializing in embling products, with a total of forty employees. “We had a hundred contacts. Of this total, we have identified around fifty ‘Brexit’ projects, of which 25 are still in progress., Underlines Yan Pitol, director of Nord France Invest, the regional agency for economic promotion.

In relation to areas as diverse as logistics, decorative goods, digital, or regional specialties such as energy storage and bio-based materials, 25 projects in Running represent a capacity of about 500 jobs. That is to say, about twenty jobs per file, against the average of foreign establishments in Haut-de-France, about fifty. According to the agency’s director, evidence of the English owners’ caution in this uncertain context.

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Marketing regional

On behalf of the region, however, it is not for lack of deployment of a treasure trove of regional marketing to sell the destination in the channel: a Brexit task force, associating region and state has been established, brand “LinkLille” an advertisement The campaign was launched at the London Underground, created by the Franco-British Business Club, an automobile or rail trade mission held in Coventry, London and Manchester…. Even Lily National Orchestra (ONL) was involved. For 350,000 Euros, a week-long tour between Birmingham, Newcastle, Leeds or Sheffield was scheduled last January. An operation of “Cultural diplomacy”In the words of ONL music director Alexander Baloch, promoting regional attractions.

Like the Houts-de-France office, built in the middle of the city by the region and CCI, which aims to establish a “New bilateral cooperation focused on trade, tourism promotion and channel traffic”. Its manager, Jean-Paul Mulot, also has not seen the projects in flux. It would be to say that the delay of Brexit has been linked to six months for the difficulties of the epidemic. “Two industrial and logistics files blocked due to quarantine”, Slide Yan Pitol. Officials are optimistic that the plan will be ready as soon as the situation cools down. “We have a lot of leads, especially with customs operators”, Mayor of Kailas (LR), confirms Natacha Buchart.

Meanwhile, the region intends to work with state services to ensure the liquidity of trade between the two countries. “Hauts-de-France is also a gateway to other countries, closely connected to the United Kingdom. I am thinking specifically about India, with which we want to speed up the exchange. “, Says Jean Paul Moulot.

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British blot on Opal Coast

Already cooled by the migration crisis in 2015, the British have now left the Kallis and Opal Coast due to health crises and quarantines. The British not too long ago, the Pas-de-Calais department, one of the economic engines of the region, had close ties with Kent, many English people had bought on the French coast, much cheaper. Many, many of Chanel’s “Cash and Carry” came to stock up on wine and beer.

Today, Blues are among the themes of Herriès Majesty, established in France. “I know two or three British who took French nationality, I applied for it myself”Explains, Tania, employee at Elegance, who understands herself “Stealing by Brexit vote”The ballot was discontinued for long time British immigrants. Martin, a British retire on the coast, highlights the lack of any information on Brexit and ignores everything about his future position on 1 January. On the real estate side, for the benefit of Belgium, the English are much less present than they were a few years ago, which are in greater numbers. “Between the quarantine, the fall of the pound and Brexit, they have a lot on their hearts, it’s Berizina, it’s dramatic today”, Thapi Segaard, president of the Opel Links Association, a great defender of the Franco-British link, who nevertheless wishes to believe in a later rebound.


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