Brexit: Why Reasons Finally Prevail

Le Premier ministre britannique Boris Johnson a géré les négociations avec les Européens avec la même légèreté qu'il a abordé la crise sanitaire.

Posted on December 2020 at 18:02Updated 25 December 2020 at 9:59 pm

Haliluy! A divine partnership agreement was reached between the European Union and the United Kingdom. On Christmas Eve, quite a symbol. The ten-month conversation followed with its theatricality, a dozen of its breakdowns and always overturns, with its flaws.

If the possibility of failure Always formed below the table, it is the dynamics of compromise that dominate the theater of negotiation. Today it is easy to say, but this happy epilogue was the only logical and justified result of this long saga started four years ago by a painful referendum. He won.

With a few die-hard Brixors ready to sacrifice the future of their country at the altar of their exceptions, everyone was convinced: exiting the United Kingdom without agreement would have been a disaster for the country. Economists, Bank of England, trade federations, unions have been recognizing from day one that the complete disconnection of relations with the continent will be cost and long term. The reason is simple : The European Union represents 43% of the island’s exports . Introduction of customs and quota can only be harmful to him.

It was also in the interests of Europeans to maintain a bond with their former partner as much as possible. To maintain a high flow of exchange and above all prevent a potentially unfair competitor from blooming at their door, if there were no rules governing their mutual relationship. A “no deal” would also have been part of two camps to their political credit if they had been unable to gain common ground.

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Outbreak of Kovid-19

It took time for these evidences to be imposed on themselves. For him, defending the bubble of arrogance and ideology was necessary. Boris Johnson had locked himself into his sovereignty discourse to the point of rejection of the Brussels Tetage and to resume its borders, blind to its standards and its waters again to the interests of his country. He loved posing for posters with Scottish fishermen, proud of gaining sovereignty over their waters filled with fish … forgetting that fishermen needed European companies and markets to raise their products and sell them is.

The circumstances were greatly affected in the conversion of the obsolete British Prime Minister. The outbreak of Kovid-19, which he managed with the same dialectics as his negotiations with Brussels, weakened his leadership. The economy is sinking into an economic crisis that an exit without an EU agreement would have made it even more devastating.

The disarray that arose a few days ago around the port of Dover following the health blockade imposed by Europe gave a presentation as to what would happen on the island’s outer borders if no agreement was reached. Space for streamlining the traffic of heavy goods vehicles and cargo. The power of facts has been eliminated Dogmatics.


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