Britain also announced boycott of Winter Olympics in China

The Scottish Government has also confirmed its intention not to send any representatives.

Britain will boycott the Winter Olympics in China in February 2022, so it will not send any government representatives to the event. British Prime Minister Boris Johnson said this while speaking in Parliament. “There will be a real diplomatic boycott of the Winter Olympics in Beijing,” Johnson insisted: “I don’t think there is any point in boycotting the Games and it remains government policy.” The British Premier has thus made it clear that London will join Washington in diplomatically boycotting the next Winter Olympics in China, but will still send its athletes to the sporting event.

The Scottish government has also confirmed its intention not to send any official representatives, thus joining the boycott of the international sporting event announced by the United States.

Scottish Sports Minister Mary Todd confirmed in a written response that the Edinburgh government’s position is clear and there is “deep concern” about Chinese human rights abuses. According to Todd, the boycott of the Winter Olympics would send a “clear signal” to China that Scotland “does not turn a blind eye to the crimes of the Chinese government against the Tibetan and Uyghur populations”.

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