Britain could take nuclear submarines to France if Scotland backs independence

Britain could take nuclear submarines to France if Scotland backs independence

British nuclear weapons may be transferred to France In the event of Scottish independenceThe Defense Ministry unveils emergency plans.

Another option is to seek a longer-term lease in Fosslane and Culport UK treadmills, say people familiar with the plans, which are exploiting UK territory within Scotland’s borders.

According to the Financial Times, senior officials said contingency plans suggest ministers in Britain’s nuclear program will face tough choices if Scotland becomes independent.

The newspaper reports that the practice decided that there would be three locations for Project Trident in the event of Scottish independence, and the Royal Navy’s Devonport base is seen as a site to replace Foslane.

The other option is to make British nuclear bases allies like the United States. The newspaper also reported that officials were investigating the relocation of the submarine base to le Long in Brittany, France.

Negotiate a new British Overseas Territory within the third independent Scottish state, which would include the bases of Fosslane and Culport.

However, a modern spokesman said the UK is determined to maintain its credible and independent nuclear blockade at HM Clyde Naval Base, which will prevent the most serious threats to the UK and our allies in the United Kingdom.

The spokesman said: “There are no plans to move the nuclear blockade of HM Clyde Naval Base, which contributes largely to the security and economy of Scotland and the UK, and its support facilities are secure for local communities.”

The SNP is determined to free Scotland from nuclear weapons, and there is nowhere else in the UK where the Trident Navy can travel easily.

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Nicola Sturgeon Said She Had Document After Document This Week “Undisputed” mandate for second referendum Following the SNP energy sharing agreement with the Scottish Greens. The SNP had previously promised a ban on all nuclear weapons in an independent Scotland.


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