Britain does not drown in chaos


Brexi, Day 2, citizens England, Wells, Scotland Ed Ireland North side They wake up as they calm down every day. Unfortunately for europeans There is no rush of Maruders in leather jackets studded to bring death and destruction. L ‘Apocalypse Nuclear, economic and social have been thwarted. The radioactive desert and the end of civilization are not a reality declared by the newspapers, and this time it is not for a warrior with amazing power and marked martial prowess. No it’s not Kenshiro ‘, Also because the imaginary chaos of leaving Europe existed only in the heads of the regime’s journalists.

Brexit Effect: The United Kingdom regains its fortunes.

When, 6 years agoHis Majesty’s citizens decided, for the decisive point leave, Go outThe European Union, in comparison with Rebuilt, Living in the European Union, the petals and the radical chic world had gone crazy. Predictions of death and destruction caused uproar in all newspapers: “The economy will collapse“,”It will be the end for england“,”Forgive them because they don’t know what they did“Debate wasn’t even born of victory.”Vote for people with little or no education“; In short, the mass media and journalists had tried all the way to an overwhelming victory for Brexit. But they did not succeed. In fact, since 2016, the modern world has taken a turn that no one expected.

Win of LikeRide Marine Le Pen, To Russia Of Putin In that Syria, With lion Damascus Assad, They managed to lose Isis And “liberal terrorists”. Since 2016 Salvini I Meloni He began a slow rise, which led him to win the 2018 election together with Berlusconi. In short, 2016 was the turning point against world liberal rule that dominated national and international politics for many years. That Brexit, strongly desired Nigel Faraj, Has changed the pace for the relative peace of these four years. God only knows how things would have turned out if she had sat in the oval study in the monstrous warmer Hillary Clinton White House, God only knows…

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Brexit and order revealed, lie of radical chic journalists

Unfortunately for liberal journalists, as we said, there are no geometric rows at the toll booths Dover, L ‘Eurotunnel It is not filled with people who want to escape. Unfortunately for our Travelio, Saviano, Gruber, Fazio etc. there Great britain Remains standing. People do not want to escape, on the contrary, they keep coming to Britain in search of luck. Mass media Gaffas has little for this country that works in a simple and systematic way to this day. For millions of European citizens living in The uk Every right is guaranteed after compilation and approval. European Union Settlement Plan.

There is a loud regret in newspapersErasmusSymbolizes unityThe union, But not so much Englishman. In fact, data at hand, it turns out that there are very few English students who have gone on to study outside their island for years. Finally, if you do a study Cambridge Hey Oxford, Why should you go to the University of Bologna? what does this mean? None. This is to thank European students for taking advantage of this opposite possibility. Erasmus closed the door. Now the United Kingdom is planning a much more developed exchange program, and is directed not only towards the Union of gang-raped Europe, but America Ed Asia.

So what does the Brexit question teach us? It teaches us that leaving the European Union is not so difficult or impossible … and is a lesson that journalists want us to avoid exploring.

It is easier than ever to leave the European Union. This is all it needs. just believe.

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(By Fausto Andrea Marconi)


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