British billionaire and media mogul David Barclay dies

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His twin brother David Barclay had built an empire, including the conservative daily Daily Telegraph.

The newspaper reported on Wednesday that British businessman David Barclay, who along with his twin brother had built an empire including the conservative daily Daily Telegraph, died on Sunday at the age of 86 after a brief illness.

Prime Minister and former Telegraph reporter Boris Johnson on Twitter expressed “respect” and “admiration” for David Barclay, who saved a major newspaper, created thousands of jobs across Britain and who passionately believed in the independence of this country Done and who was able to complete “.

Along with his twin brother Frederick, David Barclay built a vast empire, which began with hotels and included the retail sector and, since 2004, was owned by the Telegraph Media Group.

A fortune for two

In its latest ranking of the biggest British fortunes published last year, the Times estimated the fate of the two brothers at 7 billion pounds (7.9 million euros).

The Telegraph wrote, “Lifestyle in appearance, and often in his costumes, the Barclay Brothers have acted as one (a man) during his career,” both of whom avoided interviews. For discretion.


The famous luxury hotel London Ritz was sold last year to a Qatari investor, however, family discontent was revealed amid allegations of illegal wiretapping.

Frederick Barclay claimed in court that his nephew had secretly recorded it for several months. The businessman and his daughter had taken action in this regard against their brother’s three sons and the son of one of them.

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In addition to the Telegraph, the two brothers bought the weekly The European in 1992, which closed in 1998, and also owned the Scottish newspaper The Scotsman from 1995 to 2005.

According to the Telegraph, David Barclay was an avid reader, influenced by newspapers, business, economics and politics, and who always said that he was abandoned as a twin at the age of 14 after being educated at the “University of Life” gave.


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