British Prime Minister Johnson wants to end virus restrictions in England Reuters – Economy and Finance

British Prime Minister Johnson wants to end virus restrictions in England Reuters - Economy and Finance

© Reuters. FILE PHOTO: People wear protective masks as they walk through the city center, during the coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak, in Manchester, Britain, on June 21, 2021. Reuters / Phil Nobel

Writers: Paul Sandals and Alistair Smout

LONDON (Reuters) – British Prime Minister Boris Johnson will formulate a plan on Monday to end the social and economic restrictions of COVID-19 in England to see if introducing rapid vaccines against the highly contagious delta variant Adequate security can be provided. .

Johnson’s statement at 16:00 GMT is expected to confirm that he aims to end the restrictive measures on July 19 and will include guidance on social distancing, face masks and working from home.

After toughening restrictions on Britain’s peacetime fight against the novel coronavirus, Johnson bets that a vaccination plan that weakens the link between infection and hospitalization will keep health services from being swept away by a new wave of the pandemic. can stop. It has already started.

Johnson should say that people will learn to live with the new coronavirus like the flu.

He said in a statement: “I must stress that the pandemic is not over and the number of cases will continue to rise in the coming weeks.”

“As we begin to learn to live with this virus, we must all continue to carefully manage the risks posed by COVID and make decisions in our lives.”

Johnson has established a health policy for England, but not for Scotland, Wales or Northern Ireland.

The UK has the seventh-highest number of deaths in the world due to COVID-19 and Johnson has been accused of slowing down the implementation of three lockdown measures in England.

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But according to government data, as of Sunday, the number of vaccines in the UK has been high, with 86% of adults receiving the first dose and 64% of adults receiving the two doses.

Also, countries with fewer cases but slower vaccination rates, such as Australia, are imposing tighter restrictions.

open uk

Now powered by the flagship Delta version, the number of COVID-19 cases in the UK has increased dramatically in recent weeks and the final relaxation of restrictions to allow more people to be vaccinated has been delayed by four weeks.

Data from Public Health England indicate that these vaccines are very effective in preventing delta variants that cause serious illness or hospitalization.

“The NHS will be able to cope with any increase in hospitalizations,” England’s NHS national medical director Stephen Bowie told Sky News.

Housing Minister Robert Jenrick said on Sunday that masks will no longer be mandatory after the latest easing policy, but many doctors and scientists are urging everyone to be more vigilant.

Chand Nagpaul, chairman of the British Medical Association’s council of trade unions, told BBC radio: “There is no point in stopping the wearing of masks in spectators in enclosed public places such as public transport,” he said, adding that their main objective is to stop wearing masks. Protects others, not the wearer. .

In a newspaper article over the weekend, Health Minister Sajid Javid highlighted the economic and health costs of continued restrictions, which were also cited on the streets of London.

The 50-year-old secretary, Mandy Sutter, said: “There are still cases, but … it doesn’t seem like a lot of people have been tortured so badly.”

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“I think everyone’s economy and mental health are affected the most. So open Britain, Boris.”


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