Brogna Sheep of Lesinia

Brogna Sheep of Lesinia

In the province of Verona, pastures of an uncontaminated area surrounded by peaks that are up to 1800 meters in height and protected, in part, by the regional natural park Lecinia, have found an ideal indigenous sheep breed ideal for settling and living. Who, for centuries, has been a hero. this is Brogna Sheep, also known as badiota, prognol Hey Local, Which has now become part of the wealthy food presidia family.

Importance of Brogana Sheep

Brogna’s importance to the area dates back to the time of Skaligiri around the 13th century, who drew a lot of their wealth from their wool. Brogna Sheep was now fully established and played a leading role in the local economy. As evidence of this, some architectural symbols still exist in the city, such as the capital of the lamb, the symbol of Wool Art, or the loggia of Sargezari, a 14th-century portico where historically woolen clothing was marketed.

Brogna sheep are medium in size, have thin legs and more inclination than more productive breeds. Nevertheless, it is bred for its delicate meat, milk and wool, which is characterized by much softer fibers than yarns of very common local breeds.

“One of the main problems of modern animal husbandry – Marcello Volanti, Local Producer Representative Explains – There is extreme expertise for animals to be subjected. Brogna sheep, on the other hand, in obvious contrast, although not known as an excellent dairy animal or ideal for large manufacture of meat or wool, brings together a triple productive attitude which, especially in the past, proceeds Represents an important complement of, and for many families living in these mountains until the 70s of the last century ».

And, despite the passage of time the living conditions in these valleys have become less dangerous, the Brogna sheep represent a very precious garrison for the region.

“In these mountains – Says Volanti – Our motto is: A sheep for the environment. It was created because we are proud of the precious work we have done in this field. Grazing does not allow for redistribution of grassland and pastures, except to keep the mountain alive. In addition, this animal feeds almost exclusively on grass and hay, not competing with humans in the food chain. This is a widespread sustainable livestock production, given that we never need to get new and large arable land to feed it ».

Sheep are, in fact, erected on pastures in herds with less than a hundred heads, and fed by the spontaneous essays of high Lecithin pastures, one of the few Italian regions has received the recognition of a historic rural landscape.

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Starting in 2012The year the Association for the Promotion and Protection of Brogna Sheep was established, breeders, technicians, restaurateurs and processors work to enhance this breed and its products. Not only wool and raw milk cheese, but also a meat with unique characteristics.

“From an organizational perspective – Antonella Bampa, trustee of Slow Food of Verona, explains – The flesh of Brogna does not have the characteristic characteristic lamb smell, but is pleasant and aromatic. It is very delicate and brings with it a balance that does not greatly affect its preparation which is its protagonist. Veronese restaurateurs have always included it in their menus, which does not represent a local and very commercial alternative to the more well-known Scottish or New Zealand lambs. The real difficulty is in overcoming the resistance associated with the consumption of sheep, which, over time, has become unacceptable to most of the population, and the clichés associated with its olfactory and inflammatory infiltration ».

It is an objective that requires a patient and continuous dialogue with the region and which looks imperative for the future. From today, however, with more optimism.

“Slow Food Presidium Recognition – Completion of volanti – This is very important not only from a symbolic point of view, but for all those who have committed themselves for nearly ten years to actively sensitize citizens, restaurants and tourists on an important role for both the environment and the local economy. Have done This sheep comes in our area. Conservation of biodiversity begins, first, what each of us decides to bring to our plate each day, an argument that becomes even more fundamental when we talk about breeds in danger of extinction Like, well, brogue sheep. There are many interested youth in the area who are approaching this breed of sheep, but the community in which they live needs to be supported in their efforts. This is our wish for the future ».

Slow Food Brogana Sheep Presidium is supported by the Ministry of Labor and Social Policies *

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* Brogana Sheep Presidium is funded by the Directorate General of Labor and Social Policies, Third Sector, and Ministry of Corporate Social Responsibility – Notice No. 1/2018 “Slow Food in Action: Communities as Heroes of Change”, adherent to the Third Sector Code Article 72, referred to in Legislative Decree No. 117/2017.Slow Food, Brogna for support and commitment would like to thank the Association for the Promotion and Conservation of Sheep with which has contributed to the birth of this new Slow Food Presidium.


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