Bundesliga continues to shop with us: another foreign talent to be taken away

Bundesliga continues to shop with us: another foreign talent to be taken away

Bundesliga teams continue to shop in our league and even the teams playing in our ranking center are not out of this spoils. This time it was Bologna’s turn for Sinisa Mihailovi to lose an important piece. After the sale of the Scottish Hickeys to the Premier League, Swanberg also, in fact, married Wolfsburg and said goodbye to the Bolognese team. The policy of media ranking companies is now directed towards the strategy of finding, launching and selling the most promising youth to survive. Certainly without neglecting the sporting side which should be the priority if clubs still want fans to fill stadiums.

led by Wolfsburg Joy Saputo, Classes in the mid-upper part of the Bundesliga for many years and even white-greens like many other overseas assets have decided to invest in Serie A, first marrying a line of economic stability. are. Investment in prospective youth, preference for highly profitable settlement and owned stadiums. Fans, for their part, hope that this economic strategy will not affect the outcome of the game.

The latter are undoubtedly very important for all societies. Especially for a team historically and important to Italian football such as bologna, Rosoblu actually counts on the support of many fans and in recent times it has counted stars of first magnitude such as: Roberto Baggio And Giuseppe Signori.

Bologna rejoices after a goal / ANSA

Bologna’s youth line entertains fans and registers great results financially as well

Promising Scotsman sales Aaron Hickey A shining example of Bologna’s corporate policy. The young Scotsman picked up last season by heart of midlothian about 1.7 million Euro was sold brentford In Premier League for the total amount 22 million Why Euro?

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a deal for bologna who gets this capital gain surely thank you for working on the growth of young people by Mr. Mihajlovic.

Bologna loses another important piece and this time sends him to the Bundesliga

Another jewel of Bologna is on the farewell ladder. Swedish national team confirmed the sale of the midfielder Mattias Swanberg The Swede had been in Serie A since the 2018/19 season, and his experience in Italy was certainly growing.

The promising Swedish midfielder has indeed collected more and more appearances and solid performances every year, becoming the pivot of the Bolognese and a player on which sinisa mihalovic He was undoubtedly very dependent.

But now his experience in Italy is coming to an end, his path to Germany’s ambitious team. wolfsburg In bundesliga, For 9 million Why Euro?

Now, after the transfers, Bologna will have to start supporting the team. the first reinforcement in is a loan, and it’s about cambiaso just picked up Juventus From Genoa. Another declared goal of the team mihalovic Is josippy Ilicic Slovenian comes from complex seasons. But Bologna’s class has shown on several occasions that it knows how to revive champions who already seemed on their way to sunset.

The upcoming season will tell us if bologna Will be able to leapfrog in quality despite significant sales.


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