Burberry pays the results of the Xinjiang case

Burberry pays the results of the Xinjiang case

BEIJING – The troubles that occurred in the last few hours at H&M were the starter, while now the ax of the Chinese boycott has killed Barbary.

The British fashion house has lost one of its ambassadors to award-winning actress Zhou Dongyu in China, while eliminating the Scottish-specific design from a popular video game. News agency Reuters reported this.

The agency, explaining the interests of the Beijing movie star, clarified the decision as a direct result of the fact that Burberry had “not clearly and publicly stated its position on Xinjiang cotton”. Raw materials produced in the northwest region of China have been accused of forcible labor, forcing members of the Uygar community and other Islamic minorities.

Burnberry is part of the Better Cotton Initiative, an organization that promotes the production of sustainable cotton and which ultimately falls, expressing concern over alleged human rights violations in Xinjiang, to the production produced in the region Suspended.

The elimination of tartan worn by the characters of the famous “Honor of Kings” video game by Tencent Holding was welcomed by some mobile users.

A diplomatic case between China and the United Kingdom has also exploded in these hours, with the declaration of sanctions on nine British personalities as Xinjiang’s situation is grim. The boycott campaign includes not only Burberry and H&M, but also Adidas, Nike and other international brands.

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