Calls for restaurant opening at National Federal Council –

Calls for restaurant opening at National Federal Council -

The uncertainties are very high this year in terms of tourism abroad. Swiss Travel Federation vice-president Stefan Jayet, who sees hope in the vaccinated passport, believes it is still undoubtedly too early to book.

“We think people are really in the starting blocks, but they have no prospects at the moment, almost zero visibility”, notes the vice president of the Swiss Travel Federation on Wednesday at La Matinale de la RTS.

“I can tell clients”, says Stephen Zayette, is to contact travel agencies so that he can create the project, discuss it, take stock of the situation. “A little bit”.

>> Full Interview with Stephen Jeanette in La Matineale:

Stephen Jayet, Vice President of the Swiss Travel Federation (Video) / La Matinale / 8 min. / Today at 07:17

Support for passport vaccination

The umbrella agency and tour operator hope to revive the sector in vaccine passports. She also advocates for the federal council and MPs on this issue. She would welcome coordination at the European level: “We must maintain Swiss sovereignty, but we must also highlight this common sense and this harmony at the European level”, underlining its representative.

>> Guy Parmelin favors coordination with the European Union on vaccination passports:

Guy Parmelin, who went to Austria, reacted to the idea of ​​a vaccination passport / La Matinale / 1 minute. / Today at 06:00

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