Campidoglio: OK in the Chamber for the 2021 budget report

Campidoglio: OK in the Chamber for the 2021 budget report

5.6 billion fund set aside. Recovery date closed at 34 percent, 20 percent fine

The Capitoline Assembly approved the budget statement of the Municipality of Rome for the year 2021 with 24 in favour, six against and two with restraint. At the end of the report, Campidoglio’s budget records a provision of more than 5.6 billion euros to protect the Capitoline treasury against expected debts and disputes. The first change to the municipal treasury budget, which will be rejected in 2022 after the approval of the 2022 report, will provide an additional 245 million euros for municipalities and departments in investment titles.

Councilor for the Budget of Rome, Sylvia Scosze, describing the budget plan for the year 2021 to the Capitoline Assembly, explained: “In the restricted part we have between 1 billion and 351 million resources for specific purposes. Of these, a part was used as a perceived surplus already in November, while the free part is worth 245 million and is destined for investment for all departments and municipalities”.

Tax collection efficiencies, weighted on the capital budget, stop at 34 percent with respect to tariffs on waste and 20 percent with respect to fines. Of the “nearly 5 billion provisions for Doubtful Collectibles Fund” a significant portion pertains to “tarring and fines”, which are “taxes affected in the most relevant way”, the councilor explained.

“The average percentage of collections for the past 5 years is 34 percent for Tari and 20 percent for fines” and in particular “The weight of Tari is very significant, of 1.62 billion in the 2021 Fund’s provision for 1.6 billion. Known and of latent active residues”.

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The councilor clarified that “non-availability of verified resources takes resources away from services and creates trouble in the management of the city” and for this reason “within the year we should have a system that starts and Reply immediately”. Following the findings of the Scottish protest he also specified: “I did not say that the Romans do not want to pay, that the bill often does not come and that we have to change the whole collection system”.


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