Capital: 20 crore for expensive energy in the bill on budget adjustment

Capital: 20 crore for expensive energy in the bill on budget adjustment

Twenty million more for expensive energy, which has led to an increase in the cost of electricity in municipal structures: this is the largest amount in the budget resolution for the Capital for the three-year period of 2022-2024, which should be reached in the coming weeks. Capitoline assembly in.

The deed was presented this morning to the budget of Rome by councilor Silvia Scosze – during the competent Capitoline commission chaired by Giulia Tempesta of the Democratic Party – and also included 2 million and a million euros to accommodate directors’ compensation. are, in addition to the 327 thousand euros allocated by the state; 3 million – from restricted surplus – will instead go to the exceptional maintenance of road hydrants, whose functionality is deemed strategic after the multiple fires in the capital.

Against 75.7 million in high assured revenues, net of restricted resources and doubtful receipts, the entity has 28.3 million euros available for redistribution, partially operational. In addition, there are 10.6 million in tied revenue and 22.9 million in tied surplus. The resources, partly operational, will be reorganized as follows: 20 million for electricity users, will be checked in the autumn; 2.1 for adjustment of compensation for the actions of directors; one million to increase the number of legal services for the cost of litigation; 2.2 million for advances for tenders; 390 thousand euros for the Cinema Foundation of Rome; 270 thousand euros for summer camps for disabled minors; 600 thousand euros for expenses necessary for the functioning of departments; 617 thousand euros in the provision of potential liabilities. On the other hand, in relation to the tied revenue, 10.6 million euros will be divided as follows: one million for Rome’s candidacy for Expo 2030; 1.7 million for nursery schools; 4.2 million for aid to minors; 2.9 million for removing architectural obstacles and 800 thousand for assistance to the disabled.

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The remaining funds from the restricted surplus, for a total of 22.9 million, will be allocated as follows: 16.3 million for social policies, of which 14.6 million to eliminate waiting lists on applications for aid.

Finally, one of the higher capital expenditures is estimated at: 3.1 million for the refurbishment of the air-conditioning systems of municipal buildings; 3 million for exceptional maintenance of road hydrants; 390 thousand euros for the maintenance of sidewalks; 100 thousand euros for elderly centers; 600 thousand euros for exceptional maintenance of various roads; 1.5 million for green areas, both for planting and maintenance.


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