Cardu hoists the flag to celebrate his transformation

Cardu hoists the flag to celebrate his transformation
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House Johnnie Walker Johnnie Walker opens its doors in Speyside prior to the opening of Princes Street Edinburgh. Diageo invests £185 million

LONDON, June 17, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Today, Diageo reiterates its commitment to pod whiskey tourism with the opening of the Cardhoo Distillery in Speyside. All roads now lead to the Johnniewalker PrincessStreet Whiskey Experience in Edinburgh, the central highlight of the company’s visionary strategy for whiskey tourism in the Pod. It will be launched t.

Distinctive flag used by Hellencoming, a member of the founding family of Cardhue (one of the most famous leading ladies in the whiskey business) in the 1800s to warn underground distillers of the approach of an excise man (who collects excise duties) , once again floats proudly atop the distillery.

This is the final leg of the journey through Johnniewalker’s distilleries across Scotland, such as Glenkinchy in the Lowlands and Highland Distillery in Kleinlish, open to the public after being converted into major tourist destinations.

The New Tourism Experience celebrates the distillery’s 200-year history and its legacy as a central part of Johnniewalker’s history. The distillery was sold by the Cummings Johnnie Walker & Sons family in 1893 and became part of Johnnie Walker’s success over the following decades. The state-of-the-art space features an immersive storytelling experience redesigned with a screening room, a dedicated whiskey-tasting kitchen, and updated whiskey tours.

Cristina DiZandino, Marketing Director at Diageo, said: We are pleased to raise the Cardu flag to mark the start of our new tourism experience, as did our pioneer in distillery, Helen Cumming, there are two articles. When Helen raised her flag it was to warn her neighbors and the local community, but today we fly it as a symbol of confidence and ambition for the future of Scotch and tourism in Speyside and across Scotland.

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Cardu is a special whiskey, a specialty distillery with a special history and heritage. Our investment provides an exciting and engaging experience that will surprise and delight visitors, whether local tourists from the UK or tourists from around the world, when we can travel again.

Cardhoo is the third largest distillery in the four corners of Scotland Johnnie Walker. These singlemalt distilleries represent the four Scottish whiskey-producing regions and helped create the world’s first Scotch. They will be converted as part of Diageo’s investment in Scotch. Following the opening of the Johnniewalker PrincessStreet Experience later this summer, Kaolilla Distillery on Islay will be the next to reopen following its transformation in 2022, completing its entire history. Most recently, Brora’s iconic Ghost Distillery was also renovated after 38 years and produced new whiskey as part of Diageo’s investment.

Evan Andrew, President of Global Procurement and Supply Chain, said: Cardhoo is the latest step in our £185 million investment program to transform Scotch tourism and create world-class experiences for our distilleries and visitors to Johnnie Walker Princes Street, which opens this summer.

Everyone involved in this project is very proud of the tourist attractions we are building and their contribution to the economic recovery of Scotland. It is not just an investment in Scotch tourism, but an investment in the economic development of the product by attracting new generations of whiskey consumers here at home and around the world.

Cardu, visitors will be invited to learn about the incredible history of the distillery in the brand new History Hall. They will be able to watch a captivating animation describing the origins of the whiskey produced by Scottish production studio Eyeballs. The film project will tell the story of the distillery’s early days and how the story of Hellencoming, who waved the now iconic red flag to alert fellow distillers to the arrival of tax collectors, has become one of the most famous whiskey-related stories.

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Visitors will also be able to experience the distillation and maturation process of Cardhu Signature Whiskey, which is infused with notes of orchard fruits and freshly cut grass, by participating in up-to-date interactive tours and experiences. They can also enjoy a drink or a delicious highball at the new trendy restaurant dedicated to tasting the brand’s products.

Cardhoo Distillery will initially accommodate UK visitors in accordance with the latest safety guidelines and will consider welcoming international tourists when the Scottish Government considers travel safe.

Diageo has teamed up with Euan’sGuide, a Scottish charity that seeks to improve access to all tourist attractions to make the brand’s home more accessible to visitors. Diageo has also introduced new sustainability measures as part of its transformation to contribute to the achievement of its ambitious Society’s 2030 action plan: the spirit of progress, which aims specifically to reduce global light pollution, through water systems. To conserve water. Protecting pollinators and local fauna through landscaping and site implementation, as well as a new biodiversity conservation program.

Recently Johnniewalker, Glenkinchy and Cleanlish Houses, based in the Lowlands and Highlands, received Scotland’s most prestigious award, GreenTourismGold, and Cardhoo will open as a GreenTourismGold recognized site. Green Tourism’s certification program provides a framework for achieving sustainable tourism activity and recognizes the commitment of companies that are actively working to become greener. The award recognizes each distillery’s efforts in terms of ecological exploitation, from the absence of landfill waste to the sustainability of the distillation process and high standards of water economy and management.

For more information and to book a visit to the Cardhoo Distillery, please visit the website

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Full details on the distilleries and the Johnniewalker Princes Street facility redevelopment can be found in this downloadable press kit.



Cardu Distillery, the Speyside home of Johnnie Walker.

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