Carlofort, Restaurants

Carlofort, Restaurants

Islands are an epitome of fantasyOf beauty, of poetry. From Peter Pan to Arturo, from Ulysses to the next myriad of literary heroes who come in their misadventures. And even non-literary ones, given that the stories—real—in our scattered islands in the Mediterranean Sea are worthy of the most beautiful literature running from coast to coast. of these is certainly the island of St. PeterAlong the southern coast of Sardinia, on which it stands carloforteThe only inhabited village in the land emerging from the sea which is small but full of nature and beauty. According to legend, Saint Peter the Apostle arrived here to deliver his sermon, after his stay in Rome, to Sardinia.

Want to follow in the footsteps of more than the illustrious predecessor, When you leave from the ferries at Calaceta and Portovesme, you will land at the San Vittorio pier, the only official landing point on the island, after disembarking from a pier or a commercial ship. As soon as both your feet are on the pier, you will be instantly struck by the feeling of peace, relaxation and a peaceful swim beyond the world. On screen he tried to convey it in various transpositions, such as Pietro’s Island, starring a successful Mediaset fiction of recent years. Gianni Morandi, The only inhabited center of Carlofort, whose narrow streets are dotted with buildings and embroidered in blue fifth, a promenade considered one of the most beautiful in the country. The typical greeting you’ll often hear if you like to get lost in these streets is Uè Uè. The sound is very different from other shores of the island, which speaks of a softer linguistic sound than other coasts. And the peculiarities of Carlofort and San Pietro are attached here, island in island, enclave of people born elsewhere and kept here by a king.

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It was the far sixteenth century, in fact, when a group of fishermen pegli (then a small village, today a district of Genoese West) was transplanted onto the Tunisian island of Tabarka for the exploitation of coral, an economy that lasted long until the dawn of the eighteenth century, fueled by fishing and a decline in the coral economy. began to arrive and the descendants of the colonists were let go. Charles Emmanuel III of Sardinia allowed them to settle on the island of San Pietro, and here he founded a village that still bears the same name, in honor of the then sovereign who was so generous with him. Even today, the Carlofortini people are also called Tabarchini and celebrate this long and strange – even poetic – story every 29 June, when the Harbor Front (here a modern version of the story created by Marlon Brando) Transfers can be artistically interesting) comes alive and comes to sea. A procession dedicated to the island’s patron saint in one of the best and oldest maritime religious traditions.

carlofort, village view

water is the wealth of carlofortHowever, it cannot be overlooked that this is also one of its problems due to isolation. The last active trap in the Mediterranean is at work here, as bluefin tuna (also known as running tuna) become trapped in these waters. All in accordance with the definitive Tanara method, which allows the selection of only the largest specimens, thus allowing the babies to grow and grow. A fish and a fishing method that supports the economy but at the same time the palate, as (almost) everything on the island revolves around tuna, which is eaten as much as possible, from grilled steak to botarga (Muggin’s). The least savory in comparison) is eaten. , rather typical of the Oristano region), but also a fifth of the fillet and the sea. The island, like all poor places, has prepared a long array of simple and delicious dishes, which do not take much time to settle down because CashC (a version of couscous possibly imported from Tunisia) or fane (reminiscent of the Ligurian past, which is also very famous in the northern region of the island and especially in the Sasari region) or capunaddaBiscuit, oil, vinegar, salted tuna and fecasa, with a curvaceous and more digestible native cucumber, a real middle ground between Neapolitan fresella and caponata understood in the Sicilian way.

Also at the table, Carlofort must go by boat, It’s the only way to really discover all the secrets of more than 30 miles of coastline. Definitely among the destinations to mark in the traveler’s notebook is Crescent Bay, where you can go birdwatching due to the presence of some rare species such as Queen’s falcon and La Boba’s beach, which is characterized by high and dark cliffs , which, if not, would have been for the myrtle that grows here and there from a Mediterranean shrub, it appears to be in Scotland. For the more romantic, it would be hard not to be infatuated with the pink soil of Janic’s beach or the look of Capo Sandalo’s Belvedere, with the lighthouse of the same name.

Carlofort's Lighthouse

Carlofort’s Lighthouse


where to eat

Located more or less in the heart of the beautiful resort of Carlofort, this is one of the most suitable places to taste fresh tuna with a direct and privileged view of the sea. The owner – featuring an immersive experience and a handkerchief worn as a bandana and a pirate – is a guarantee, both for the space and for the great quality it brings to the table and dining room. Carlofortino couscous with fish soup is an indispensable dish.

Scucuso Fregola Alla Marinara with Conch Bisque and Rosemary - Pomata Bistrot

Scucuso Fregola Alla Marinara with Conch Bisque and Rosemary – Pomata Bistrot

bistro ointment
The address is more or less the same as the previous restaurant, but the menu varies greatly. With the eclectic experience of the whole family and Chef Luigi Pomata (famous Cagliari restaurateur and TV personality), you can savor the traditional cuisine of the place as well as a good pizza in the style of the bistro. Don’t forget to check out the Tuna Steak with Carlofortina Brine, it will be a trip within a trip.

floating tuna
A name that is a hymn of belonging to the place, the island and its people. Poetic, if you think, this restaurant alludes to the gastronomic tradition of Carlofort and its sea since 1980, when the idea of ​​an almost monothematic restaurant was certainly not La Page as it is today, but a daring and consistent choice. Territorial harmony too, given that the restaurant is not located along the seashore and promenade alleys, but between the streets of the port area. Among the Tabarkini Tibetan cuisine, here you should not miss the first course based on Capunadda, as well as all beginners and Botarga.

Tuna Fillet - Running Tuna

Tuna Fillet – Running Tuna

You Magazine

First of all this place doesn’t put mine off. And then it has a mixed, diverse soul, much like those trendy clubs we’re used to seeing in big cities and fishing villages (albeit with a high tourist business) located somewhere between Sardinia, Africa, and Spain. Not there. From the name you can easily understand that the walls of the room were born after the industrial revamp of an old warehouse, where today there is a restaurant which is also a liquor store, where, however, between the shelves of a shop you can find that You can buy what you eat. The furniture is all sourced from the sea and from fishermen’s past, yet it is well kept. If you want to taste raw fish and tuna in Carlofort, you cannot stop here.

where to sleep

aquamadre suit

A sui generis guest house overlooking the sea and the flamingos, who spend the winter and above all nest in Sardinia and also in Carlofort, thanks to the mild and warm climate for most of the year. Suizenaris because it is a guest house, but it is more refined in design and customer attention than the Italian standard three stars, and also a good number of four stars. The design is largely modern, but integrates well with stylistic features of Sardinian art, including the Carlofortini mosaics that make up the floors. All you need to do to visit the island is book a room and ask one of the owners, Michelle, for a special map of the place.

aquamadre suit

aquamadre suit

Hotel Riviera in Carlofort

Lu’ Hotel is a comfortable and above all easy to reach place, suitable even for families who, despite having small children, decide to follow the spirit of adventure and beauty while choosing island holidays. All rooms are comfortable and elegant, having been recently refurbished. A decisive plus of the structure is the terrace with lounge bar: try it to believe the sunset.


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