Catanzaro, watching the vote, port returns to the center of the political debate and the level of confrontation rises.

Catanzaro, watching the vote, port returns to the center of the political debate and the level of confrontation rises.

The infrastructure that is most talked about in Catanzaro is certainly a bit Peter Pan’s Island. There is not. Actually yes. Because it is called Ilion Shona and is a tidal island located in Loch Moidart in Scotland, But it is private, therefore unusable except by the owners and persons authorized by them to live there, and above all is half-known with respect to its exact geographical location.

Whereas the port of the Calabrian capital, which on paper would be a great public act, could be much better known, recognizable and usable if there was at least an idea of ​​a place where ships dock and moor boats and boats of all kinds and at any time of the year. But nothing has to be done. In-spite of this The financing is a finished project, although it has some significant drawbacks that make it “unauthorized”., remains the subject of debate and even heated controversy. Mostly political, actually. But it is also of some interest to the judicial authority, which has actually launched several investigations at the port itself.

This is the reason that in the past the mayor of the center has left the candidate and former city councilor Nicola Fiorita has also dealt with it many times. Who thought about it with so many self-made videos shot on the site. But to tackle the thorny subject with the usual apparent rigor it was through an election advertisement of sorts. Francesco Di Lito. Another ambitious mayor, the latter – supported by the Communist Refoundation, Power to the People, the Southern Party and Calabria Resistance and Solidarity – which has spread on the social network a huge picture taken in the evening of the still unfinished infrastructure (but perhaps it would be more accurate to write in a non-existent state) with two sentences. The first one reads: “Nrugheta took away the smile of the people of my country, it took away their happiness. And for us it is a mountain of filth from which we do not want votes. We will free Catanzaro from his trap“. But it is after the slogan that we read, as evident in the second message addressed to citizens, “We will hand over port services to the cooperative of the unemployed and the disabled”.

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And it is a proposition that many have stopped discussing with interest long before the current period, the close of the election, given how precisely it lands on this delicate area. Catanzaro focuses judiciary’s attention on waiting to understand what will emerge, The fact is that we talk about the port, and we will talk about it for a long time, until there is clarity on its definite construction and the clarity of the management of all related services. It is indeed a ‘non-news’ that once the work, following the original planning formula, is completed, not only the seaside district, but the entire capital and the entire central region of Calabria could change. that, Especially along the Ionian coast, it could benefit greatly from the so-called modern, functional port-channel, capable of accommodating boats, even large ones.With all the positive effects of the case on the local economy.


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