Centaurus version: 290 cases confirmed worldwide, isolated in 15 countries. Covid runs in the UK – World

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cases Sub-Version BA.2.75 (so-called .) centaurus) the amount isolated in the world till yesterday 290, More than 82% of the sequences deposited in the database GISAID come from‘IndiaIn which 239 sequences of the virus have been accumulated since the beginning of June, which is equivalent to about 4% of the virus isolated in the country between June 14 and July 5. The remaining cases were found in others 14 countries: 14 inches United Kingdom9 inch use6 inches New Zealand4 inches Canada4 inches Indonesia3 inches Japan2 inches Australia, Germany And Nepal, 1 in Denmark, Luxembourg, Martinique, Holland And turkey, The data, extracted from the GISAID database, was circulated on Twitter by the Raj Rajanarayanan Professor at Arkansas State University.

Up to 3.5 million infected patients in the United Kingdom

it also continues United Kingdom return of infection from covid-192.7 a. up to the estimate of 3.5 lakh infected patientsAccording to the model updated every seven days by the Office for National Statistics (ONS). This trend, which has been going on again for more than a month, is still attributed by experts to sub-variants of the Omicron strains, BA.4 and BA.5.

According to figures reported last week, it slowed in June among the hardest-hit countries in the Kingdom; But The total number of hospital admissions continues to riseAlthough not at the level of previous waves, worrying new presence in the state (as in Germany, the United States, Canada and Australia) in yet another sub-version of omicron: BA.2.75, imported from india Where since early May it has already shown potential for greater transmittance. As of 6 July and included sampling estimates by the ONS, it is estimated that people infected on that date – between symptomatic and asymptomatic – were one in every 19 residents in England (against 25 each of the previous seven days). ) ; One in every 17 in Wales (versus one in every 19); One in every 17 (against one in every 20) also in Northern Ireland; and one in every 16 in Scotland (versus one in every 17).

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Japan, ba.5 subvariant in early August

Meanwhile, the sub-version BA.5 by Omicron will represent 100% Of all the new cases of Kovid-19 In Japan since early August, completely replacing other strains of the virus. This has been estimated by a commission of experts appointed by the Japanese health ministry, as the country prepares to enter a “seventh wave” of the disease. Sub-variant BA.5 is known to be more contagious than Omicron BA.2, notes the medical commission, given the recent increase of cases in all 47 prefectures of the archipelago. In a press conference, the head of the National Institute for Infectious Diseases, Takaji Wakita, however, said that there is no consensus on the need to impose new restrictions on the movement of people. The Tokyo Metropolitan Government has a different opinion, which yesterday announced raising the alert level to a maximum level of 4 for the first time since April 21. The capital currently has a daily average of 10,100 positives, more than double the previous week’s, and cases are expected to double by July 20. Nationwide coronavirus infections in Japan since the start of the pandemic I just crossed one crore,

COVID ravages Shanghai’s economy

economy of Shanghai collapsed of 13.7% i. for the second quarter annual lockdown Draconian in April and May to prevent the worst wave of Covid-19 in more than two years of pandemic. From data released today by the Chinese National Statistics Office, it emerged that out of 31 provinces, regions and particular municipalities, 5 saw a decline in GDP, while the national growth was 0.4%. To Beijing economy contracted 2.9% To prevent omicron-type outbreaks due to the closure of gyms, restaurants and parts of public transport. Jiangsu (-1.1%), Jilin (-4.5%) and Hainan (-2.5%) were also worse off.

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