Channel stop right of asylum for migrants

Suella Braverman

The UK government is preparing to deny asylum rights to migrants who reach the country across the Channel, here are plans announced today by Interior Ministry Suella Braverman.

Suella Braverman –

Brave in name and indeed, Suella Braverman: “It is precisely that we reach out to migrants who are in dire need”, But it’s less good for migrants to come in United Kingdom On rubber dinghies or even on swimming.

Braverman denies political asylum to Channel migrants

According to a note released today by Reuters, the daughter of the Interior Minister, in turn Expatriates from Kenya and MauritiusWill serve to put a definitive moratorium on the release of asylum for migrants who come to the country through the English Channel.

Countless tragedies have occurred in the part of the sea that separates the city of France. calais From Dover, In England. Last year, a boat carrying 27 migrants had sunk in a deep shock to the public. By reacting accordingly to combat the phenomenon of immigration by sea, the UK paid well 62 million euros France to consolidate its control on the Normandy coast. and now Braverman, quoted by WireLooks like wants to seek other agreements with ParisTo increase pressure on migrants.

According to London they will be 30 thousand Those who crossed the English Channel this year reached the Great Island. And in the coming months this figure may even double, up to 60 thousand admissions.

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Excerpts from Braverman’s speech at the Conservative Party’s annual convention have also been leaked to the British press: “Some parts of the system don’t work. We must end the abuse of rules and cut down on the numbers that do not meet the needs of our economy“. tells everything that the path of Tory on immigration management will always be what is decided by Brexit: Overseas Yes but only if eligible.

Comments from the British press not everyone agrees, HeraldThe famous Scottish newspaper, talks about the “barbaric plans” the minister is preparing to launch.

In fact, the context before Braverman’s announcements isn’t as rosy. The Boris Johnson-led government had plans to deport immigrants to Rwanda. A “deterrent” that should have reduced the number of visa-free access to the country. but it didn’t work, and above all, thanks for the warnings European Court of Human Rights,


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