Climate, youth voices in the square: “We are tired of promises, our future is in danger” – VIDEO

Climate, youth voices in the square:

“Politicians should listen to us. So far they have only made promises, then nothing concrete has happened. Another blah, blah, as Greta Thunberg said ». Thousands of youths to demonstrate in Milan today, October 1, 2021 took to the streets youth4climate – Youth forum in the fight against environmental disaster – Against climate change, ahead of the United Nations conference in Scotland in November. «We see our future in danger. We see this, for example, with employment. We are forced to accept jobs that do not reward our studies, our sacrifices”, he explains. “We see this with the extreme climate episodes of recent months.” Young people, who have faced each other with ideas and projects in recent times, but also with representatives of the Italian government, are calling for a change. can”: “We have inherited a destroyed world, now we are angry.’ They also have “climate change concerns” because – they say – “change cannot be seen”.

Event in the center of Milan

The performance went through the center of Milan, there were no moments of tension. Everything went smoothly, with a rope to protect Greta Thunberg Star of protest. the activist sang bella ciao many times. On the other hand, there are many chants against Mario Draghi and Roberto Cingolani: “Draghi wanted to present himself as the “hare” prime minister and instead, he only thinks about profits and the economy”, they roared. “Whoever jumped the Singolani, that is,” shout the other boys. Finally, protests were organized in Piazza Afari and under the Unicredit building..

Photo and video by Fabio Giuffrida for Open

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