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In times of great change, tradition can be vital to survival. Understanding what still works and letting go of what doesn’t can be an important part of moving forward. that brings Harrison Ford And Helen Mirren, Longtime marginal couple at Dutton Ranch in Yellowstone in series 1923He On December 18th Paramount+. should be out,

Set a century before John Dutton III Kevin Costner of series yellowstone Putting together his family’s vast empire in Montana, this second spin-off from the creator Taylor Sheridan Find out what life was like for the second and third generations of Dutton, who worked that land and turned themselves to the first for guidance.

A lot has changed in the 40 years since James and Margaret Dutton (played by) team mcgraw And high trust In the last series, 1883) brought his family to this area. what happened to them 1923 It’s a mystery the series will settle, but suffice it to say that her children, now in their thirties and forties, and their grandchildren, now in their twenties, are on a new matriarchy and patriarchy to deal with the rise of mechanization. Trusted, the rise of local government and competition for resources from other farmers. The father’s brother, Jacob Dutton (Ford), and his wife, Kara (Miren), are now leading the family.,

“The character is committed to preserving a lifestyle,” says Harrison Ford of his character, Jacob Dutton.

James Minchin III / Paramount+

“And this silverback» says Ford Vanity Fair On the occasion of this first exclusive look at the series. “He is responsible for the family. He and Kara are two people a very strong bond with each other that they face really complicated situations,

Their strength, according to Mirren, is experience: “You need someone who is capable of making decisions, and possibly making the right decisions, but who can at least make the decision and pursue it—in other words, a Leader,” says the actress. “That’s what pushed him into this farm management position of family management around which the family currently revolves.”

Mirren says she wanted Kara to represent the other side of Strong The individualism that has long defined American society: “I see Kara as an immigrant,” says the British-born actress. “One of the things I really wanted was to speak with an Irish accent, not an American accent. It’s always bothered me a little that all these people in Western countries speak modern American accents, when in fact they have There were many newly arrived immigrants.”

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