Conducting tests to send Santa Clara County teams door-to-door – CBS San Francisco

Conducting tests to send Santa Clara County teams door-to-door - CBS San Francisco

SAN JOSE (Capix 5) – To reduce the increase in Covid-19 cases, Santa Clara County has stepped up testing efforts, including conducting coronavirus tests by sending teams door-to-door.

The county’s public health department said Thursday that teams will focus first in East San Jose where 55% of the population is Latino and where many do not have the ability or equipment to test.

Santa Clara County is partnering with neighborhood health workers known as promoters to assign tests to the hardest-hit areas of East San Jose where language barriers and fears are in the way of .x access to testing.

Dr. Santa Clara County’s Director of Racial and Health Equity, Dr. “Going door-to-door, the promoters will give self-administered COVID testing to in-house individuals,” said Anilia Garcia.

Garcia continued, “There are plans to preach in the area before the plan arrives. “So families know what to expect of us and that’s a legitimate service.”

Health officials have seen a large number of Eastside and county-wide numbers of COVID cases, with Latinos reporting more COVID cases and deaths than their population.

Meanwhile it’s a full throttle at the Santa Clara County Fairgrounds in San Jose on Thursday, where part of the challenge is now preventing backups on site. As of Thursday, there is also an emergency test intervention.

“We’ve significantly increased our testing capacity,” said Lindsay Kahle, a nurse at the county Fairgrounds site. “We’ve seen an increase in the number of people who need to come out for testing, so we’ve increased the number to 5,000,000 a day. We are able to do that right now. ”

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Fairgrounds is also reminding the staff of the test site that an appointment should be made before deciding to test here.

“If you don’t have a point, it slows us down a lot,” Kahle told Capex 5. And that prevents us from testing the number of people that we could test if everyone were coming for an appointment. “

On Wednesday, county health officials Record confirmed 1,700 new cases and reported that three South Bay hospitals have reached ICU capacity. On Wednesday, the county admitted 76 new patients and reported three additional deaths.

By Wednesday morning the San Jose Regional Medical Center was already in capacity. Health officials in Santa Clara County have confirmed that the other two hospitals, O’Connor Hospital and St. Louis Hospital, have filled all available ICU beds.


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