Congo hold-up: Belgian yacht, President Kabila and Ukle smell of bleaching

The Enigma XK, designed for cold seas, can sail as far as Antarctica: it is a former Scottish Navy patrol boat, converted into a superyacht.

The “Congo hold-up” investigation reveals Congolese public money financing of the luxury yacht of Belgian business duo Van and Piedbouffe. and the existence of his shadow company, which cashed the originally suspected $500,000 into an printing account in Brussels.

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heyOfficially, the Enigma XK is a 73-meter-long luxurious yacht in the South African port of Cape Town, which has nothing to do with Joseph Kabila. For the former President (2001-2019) of the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC), one of the world’s poorest countries, to own a ship worth over 25 million euros, it is true, would be somewhat indecent.

To spend a week in this floating palace with a colonnade lounge, a helipad, a sauna and a jacuzzi, you will have to pay 290,000 euros. The deck is big enough to accommodate jeeps and jet skis.

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