Construction measures presented in 2021

Baustelle im Straßenbau

Representatives of the city of Fulda as well as representatives of the city’s traffic authority, the city’s civil engineering office and wastewater association as well as the Road and Traffic Management at the Hessen Mobil – Fulda location today at a joint press conference about the construction work in Fudda declare. 2021. Due to the epidemic, the annual event took place in the form of a video conference.

The negotiator was the city mayor of Fulda Dag Veneer (CDU) as the head of the Department of Transportation, the city planning officer of Fulda Daniel Schreren (independent) and responsible for the areas of responsibility for planning and construction, urban. Development, Environment, Properties and Manual Services, Head of Road Traffic and Parking Area Thomas Flugel, Pascal Born, employee of the Road Traffic Authority of the City of Fulda, Stephen Landesidel, Head of the Civil Engineering Department, Marcus Wagner and Hessen Mobil’s Regional Representative, Hossain Hessen Mobil Schöten Ulrich Hensel as department head of Mobil’s planning and construction departments – road and traffic management sewer construction / sewer maintenance as managing director of Abweissverband Fulda and Matthias in Abweisserwalden Fulda Peter Geffe and Jürgen Fehl. Hahner as technical managing director of OsthessenNetz GmbH.

The online video conference was opened by the city’s head of traffic mayor Dag Weiner. According to Mayor Wenner, we have given a large package for the city’s investment for 2021. “We have 121 million euros in the budget. Of this, 12 million euros are for road construction including road construction and public transport and cycle paths, which we as a city spend in times of crisis to support the regional economy in this difficult period. “The year, this construction work would have happened, especially in the urban area, cannot be done in the months of May and June,” said the head of transport. Due to the epidemic, large scale construction can now be done in these months. “Against this backdrop, this year is a very comprehensive program.” According to Mayor Wenner, what Hesse State is planning can also be seen.

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A total of 12 construction projects can be expected throughout the city area. There are therefore traffic-relevant construction sites, which on May 2525 by Hessen Mobil – Road & Traffic Management and Ostsennetz GmbH road and line construction on the B254 between Kohlhauser Stray and Bronzeller Kressel. Out-of-town one-way street regulation applies here. Road and line construction work is expected to take place on the B254 between Mainstrasse and Kohlheiser Straसेe from the end of July 2021 to 2022. These have also been made by Hessen Mobil and Ostsennetz GmbH. Traffic routing is unilateral road regulation outside the city. Probably from September 2021 to early 2023, road construction work will be done by Hessen Mobil on the B254 / B2to in the area of ​​the Brasenzeller roundabout. Traffic management has not been clarified yet.

There will be road construction work between mid-July to September 2021 by Hessen Mobil, on K 55 between Fulleda-Bronzel and Kunzel-Engelhams. This section of the route is completely closed during this period. K 101 between Fulda-Johannesburg and Westing will remain completely closed from late May to early July 2021 due to road construction work by Hessen Mobil. Road construction work by Hessen Mobil will also lead to the complete closure of 110 from late August to December 2021 on the section between Fulda-Bessage and Fulda-Malkes. Road and line construction work at Weichselstrade between Weserstraैe and Mainstraईe is expected to continue until June 2021. The executive bodies are the civil engineering departments of Fulda and Ostsennetz GmbH. In Clegarten between Peterberger Straैe and M. Jagadstein, road and line construction work will likely take place between mid-May to December 2021 by the Civil Engineering Department of Fulda and Ostassenetz GmbH. There is also a complete shutdown during this period.

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Road, pipeline and sewer construction work in Schirrmannstrasse between Nünberger Straैe and the Youth Hostel will likely take place by December this year by the Civil Engineering Department of Fulada, Ostesantenz GmbH and Fulada Wastewater Association. Until then, the section of the route remains completely closed. In Sikelar Stray, near the new building area “Am Shefacar”, Phulera will remain completely closed from April to June 2021 due to sewer construction work by the sewage association. In Mittalstraसe between Canalstraासe and Robert-Kircher-Straसेe, this section of the route will probably remain completely closed from July to September 2021 due to road and canal construction work by the Civil Engineering Department and Fulda Sewage Association of the city of Fulda.

At Zirchenbacher Straw between Marbabweg and M Rauschanacker, a half-sided closure will take place from mid-July to late July 2021 due to sewer construction work by the Fulda Wastewater Association. During this period, traffic is controlled by a traffic light switch. From April 26 to December 2021, pipeline construction work by Deutsche Telekom will traverse the city’s sidewalks and streets. As the head of traffic for the city of Fulda, Mayor Dag Weiner said today, the construction work is expected to be a smooth implementation and completed within schedule. +++ yes


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