COP-26, a golden opportunity for the United Kingdom in Africa – Jeanne Africa

COP-26, a golden opportunity for the United Kingdom in Africa - Jeanne Africa

Although London has not yet revealed a clear strategy ahead of the summit scheduled for November in Glasgow, the field of new environmental technologies remains one of the main assets of British companies, most notably in Africa.

From London to Glasgow, it is only a small step for the British Government. Since the second edition of the United Kingdom – Africa Investment Summit could not take place physically in London in January, the temptation may be stronger for the British cabinet to use COP 26 held in Scottish soil from 1 to 12 November next, measures. The country’s Brexit impact, especially in Africa.

“It is a great platform to publicize its environmental and economic agenda,” confirms a routine in these major international circles. But, nine months before the incident, London has so far given little information about its priorities, he said.

In relation to Africa, the United Kingdom is content to announce its commitment to its partners on the continent for the development of renewable energy, by drawing on the expertise of its companies recognized in the region as well as in the capital of the city .

Hard union

“In this area, the British cabinet relies too heavily on the private sector,” observes an economist specializing in environmental issues.

This is particularly true in the field of new technologies related to the environment, which are recognized as one of the country’s main assets by the British government, along with its financial and energy sectors, particularly in Africa.

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But London has so far failed to have an agenda that will allow the Glasgow meeting to fulfill its objective of “uniting the world to fight climate change”.

Resistant to rules

The local press regrets that the Prime Minister did not see the “political gains” by joining with the military to unite the international community around Joe Biden, the new president of the United States, a road map toward an energy transition.

“The British are very resistant to environmental regulations,” our environmental experts continue. Especially if they force companies to pay penalties if they fail to meet their environmental goals. “

Alok Sharma, a former minister of Bengali origin in the May and Johnson governments, appointed in early 2020 to the post of COP26, will therefore have the difficult task of advancing the debate that should lead to the application of proposals made during COP21. , In Paris, six years ago.

And traces the route leading to Glasgow, between the preservation of the world’s ecological heritage and the interests specific to his country.


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