COP26 humbles itself with the people of Davos

COP26 humbles itself with the people of Davos

Davos regulars attack COP26 which begins October 31, Politico writes. While governments are still reluctant to make firm climate commitments, the big business owners and stars we’re used to seeing at Grisons resort in January will continue to come to Glasgow for a summit on the weather. Between the ballet of private jets, the rental of Scottish castles, the “after” and the appearance of stars such as Leonardo DiCaprio, Bill Gates, Jeff Bezos, as well as CEOs such as McDonald’s or Mars, the climate summit must be faced in the Graub√ľnden Alps. Economy. Especially since Covid is bound, environmental activists will be kept away due to lack of space.

Why do we take that and start over? Commitment to the climate certainly isn’t the preserve of cool girls in sandals. And the fact that business leaders get involved can be seen as a positive, especially when you consider that only 100 companies are to blame. 71% greenhouse gas emissions. Except that these are not the ones who would be among the 30,000 expected in the police. And maybe not their investors, like JPMorgan CEO Jamie Dimon. It remains to be seen whether this gathering of VIPs will lead to concrete action against climate change or whether it will simply be an opportunity for the globalization elite to meet at the first pandemic “greenwashing” event.

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