COP26, India postpones zero emissions by 20 years

COP26, India postpones zero emissions by 20 years

In short:

  • Boris Johnson likens world leaders to James Bond, who was called to find solutions
  • President Xi Jinping Won’t Come And Leave A Letter With No New Climate Commitment
  • UN Secretary-General Guterres said the world sees nature as a toilet, and more
  • India defers climate neutrality goal by 20 years, displacing the West
  • About 400 private jets have arrived in Scotland from all over the world, which is something to report on the climate conference

After the prelude on Sunday 31 October, COP26 went live yesterday. All the Greatest World Leaders (Except Vladimir Putin I Xi Jinping) went to Glasgow (by private jet) to try to find a common agreement on the fight against climate change. On the first day, although it mainly saw a stern flow of speeches of intent, already some elements have been left for reflection. Next in lines A diary from the first day of COP26.

Boris Johnson begins quoting James Bond

British Prime Minister did not live up to the expectations boris johnsonwho began his speech in a James Bond quote: “Welcome to the COP, welcome to Glasgow and Scotland, of which the most famous son of film culture is certainly a man named James Bond. […] We are in the same position as you, my fellow world leader, the position of James Bond”. For Boris Johnson, the Glasgow Conference of Parties represents “the minute before midnight of the fight against climate change”.

Xi Jinping will not show

Widely Anticipated, Chinese President Xi Jinping It won’t happen at COP26. representative of the beijing delegation they would have explained How Xi is currently engaged in the run-up to the next plenary meeting of the Communist Party to be held from November 8 to 11 and during which time he must seek a new mandate at the helm of the red superpower. Xi Jinping also did not send a video, as he did at the G20 in Rome, limiting himself to a written statement that will be published on the COP26 website in the next few hours. However, there is disappointment in this regard. Within the declaration, Xi would have called on developed countries to support developing countries to do better against global warming, inviting all countries to “fight climate change in a common way”.

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Guterres goes down hard

UN Secretary-General, after complaining about G20 outcome in Rome Antonio Guterres he spared no harsh words For attendees at the inaugural meeting of COP26. “Stop brutalizing biodiversity, killing yourself with carbon, treating nature like toilets, burning and drilling and digging deeper and deeper.” And then: “We are digging our graves”. The problem is also the leaders’ lack of credibility: “there is a lack of credibility and a surplus of confusion over objectives related to emissions reduction and the achievement of climate neutrality”. In short, Guterres wanted to urge attendees to get up to speed on the topic. An outlook that manifests impatience and a lack of optimism over the continuation of negotiations.

India will zero emissions in 2070…

Prime minister Narendra Modi He was obliged to specify it. India also agrees with the United States, the European Union and China on the elimination of net greenhouse gas emissions. It will only take a little longer. COP26 in India, the most populous country in the world, displaces delegates as follows: Will reach climate neutrality by 2070, which is twenty years after the promise made by Western countries. Not exactly a short period of time, pushing the time frame by half a century in which its economy will not be able to emit more greenhouse gases than it will be able to absorb. Modi did not stop here. He also explained his approach: De-carbonizing an economy like India would require investments of trillions of euros (or dollars, figures so high to make the distinction irrelevant), so more developed world economies would need those. Gotta help. More backward through the provision of adequate funding for the climate.

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leaders travel by private jet

Tilted area maps on Glasgow: Lots of planes to register and track. according to some reconstruction In the past few hours, more than 400 private jets may have arrived in the main Scottish city. They are the means of transportation for the “powerful” of the world who arrived at COP26. By some estimates, these private planes will emit about 13,000 tons of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere, which is equivalent to the annual pollution of more than 1,600 Britons in an entire year. These include the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom, Boris Johnson, as well as the American Joe Biden and korean moon jae-in. However, these are only leaders cited by international national newspapers: it will not be excluded that other leaders of the London G20 have opted for a “more specialized” means of transport to reach Glasgow than an airliner.

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