Cop26, Petition to the United Nations by Greta and Activists: “Declare a ‘systemic climate emergency’ heating up. It’s like COVID”

Cop26, Petition to the United Nations by Greta and Activists:

whereas final document draft, waiting to pass the government’s examination, the appointments of cop26 what is being focused today transportation, But to open the day there was a new appeal launched by Greta Thunberg and other young climate activists who sent a legal petition to the Secretary-General of the United Nations, Antonio Guterres, which is said to formally declare the problem of global warming “systemic climate emergency“. to inform of the latest initiatives of the protesters that from the beginning of the summit Glasgow was to continue the protest and send a message to the great people of the planet Guardian who was able to see a document produced by the group that saw the participation of thousands of activists who came together to attack world climate policies in the Scottish city,”blah blah blah“Supposedly, to criticize the work of the leaders and of the Conference” bankruptcy,

In addition to Greta Thunberg, the 14 original originators of the petition are extremists in the fight against climate change from all continents, such as renton unknown I litokane kabua, Marshall Islands (which are at risk of being submerged), Ridhima Pandey (India), alexandria villasenor (use), and they build the plains (South Africa). Activists call on the Secretary-General and other UN agencies to “speed up a generalized UN response to the emergency”. and to do so in the context of “global climate action” at all levels, calling for similar coordinated action in response to covid pandemic: “The climate emergency, which threatens every person on the planet in the near future, is at least as serious as a global pandemic. That is why it requires urgent international action”, he explains.

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Today in Glasgow, meanwhile, we are discussing transport: the focus is on private people and the route to follow to get to zero emission in the least amount of time. but we will also discuss how decarbonizare Areas where it is more difficult to cut emissions, such as Marine and that Aeroplane, in this regard, Clydebank Declaration To produce carbon free route between ports, while the representative of car manufacturer Discuss the commitment to produce only zero-emissions cars by 2040. In this regard, the NGO Transport and Environment Italy condemns “Doesn’t follow commitment Cars hired by other states for farewell a fossil fuel By 2035, speaking of “A”missed opportunity“. Our country, remembers the policy officer of the NGO Carlo Tritto, “keeps the European record” density of cars (655 per 1000 inhabitants) and it is not surprising that transport is the main driver of the sector Italian greenhouse gas emissions, about a quarter of the total. As shown by recent data ispra (Higher Institute for Environmental Protection and Research), cars alone are responsible for 16% of our economy’s climate-changing emissions”.

NS International Aviation Climate Ambition Coalition By a group of states that want to take the route of decarbonization of the aviation sector. Finally, the issue of cutting emissions heavy road transport, British Premier, boris johnson, in the morning he returned to launch an appeal to try to “grab” the target on global warming, no later than 1.5 degree ceiling over the pre-industrial era. Negotiators, he said, are “on the last few metres, the hardest”, trying to “turn promises into action on climate change”. But there is still a lot to be done,” he admitted.

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