COP26: Quebec pays for an advertisement in a major Scottish daily

COP26: Quebec pays for an advertisement in a major Scottish daily

The Government of Quebec has offered itself a full page advertisement in a leading Scottish daily to attract the attention of investors attending COP26.

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“With its abundant green energy, its innovative ecosystem and its information, Quebec is the best place to invest in the green economy”, argues the advertising page exclusively published Wednesday morning in the daily newspaper. Herald.

The ad also stated that “Quebec is at the forefront of the green economy and intends to remain there”.

A QR code then provides access to an online brochure that presents Quebec as “essential” in the fight against climate change.

The Prime Minister’s Office says the initiative will cost less than C$12,000 for the page published on Wednesday as well as the subsequent half-page and banner ads.

François Legault is in Glasgow, Scotland, until Friday to attend a series of meetings on the sidelines of COP26. The Prime Minister would like to praise the green energy and technologies that Quebec can offer.

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