Coronavirus: Initiate vaccine measures for CTs, professors and staff in government

Coronavirus: Initiate vaccine measures for CTs, professors and staff in government

Medical order: 0.2% are not vaccinations, appeal against liability

Doctors who haven’t vaccinated themselves against COVID-19 This, despite complying with the obligation imposed by law for health workers, is “0.2% of the total or perhaps even less”. talk to the chairman funmio, National Federation of Medical Orders, Filippo Anelli. “The novelty of the past period are the appeals that are being organized against the obligation of precisely the anti-Covid vaccine, something we all hoped for – underlines Anneli – according to the Prime Minister’s data, 45 thousand Health workers have presented a total appeal of over 2 million, and this number is all within: not just the health profession, but, for example, social-health workers as well. Very few doctors have used it. », he explains. “For example, we have isolated cases in Lombardy, Liguria, Puglia.” The vaccination obligation for these professionals will expire on December 31, if not renewed. In order to appeal for and thus prolong the time of compulsory vaccination which is verified by the ASL, and in case of refusal, disciplinary process is initiated which then comes to an inquiry into the order which proceeds with the suspension. . President rings He often equates the figure of the doctor who doesn’t believe in vaccines, the one who doesn’t believe in math, with the engineer, a simile that gives a good idea. “There is no prejudice against these people – he points out – it is right to respect the individual sensitivity guaranteed by the Constitution, but here we are within the scope of the requirement to practice the profession of a doctor, as also established by the Supreme Court. And indeed the constitutional order is respected by the law that obliges the anti-covid vaccine: people who work in close contact with patients to get vaccinated for their own safety and for their personal one must, otherwise they will not work”.

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