Coronavirus: London, Scotland and Wales in lockdown since yesterday, “New edition across the UK”

Regno Unito Gran Bretagna

We did not celebrate Christmas as we had planned “. British premiere to say Boris Johnson, Announce new pass for London And different fields ofSouth englandTomorrow morning really start Lockdown. He said, ‘There will be these restrictions for those adopted in November.“Outlined Johnson, with limited exceptions, it would be necessary to stay home.”

Non-essential shops, barbers, indoor recreation centers and indoor gyms closed. In addition, you will need to work from home whenever possible, and you will not be able to enter or leave ‘red’ areas. He also announced that the planned exemption to collect restrictions, which would have allowed the three residences to meet for the holidays, would not apply in Level 4. Migrants will not be allowed to mix, except under certain external conditions. In public places. The ban will last two weeks and will be reviewed on 30 December.

The new version of SARS-CoV-2 was discovered in London and Kent in mid-September. This in December “Effective versionIn London, the UK’s leading scientific advisor, Patrick Valence, told a news conference. In the week ending 18 November, the variant was found in one of four cases in London and South East England and Eastern England. In the week ending 9 December, the variant was found in 62% of cases in London, 59% in East England and 43% in the South East. Also, the new version “It could have been Also present abroad. Viruses change all the time, there are many mutations in the world. It is a special constellation of changes that we believe are important. – Explained Vallnes – We think it may exist in other countries, but it has a concentration here. It originated here, we don’t know for sure“.

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Johnson pointed out that although New version of virus ‘Tier 4’ focuses on areas in the United Kingdom and still exists throughout the country. “Everyone should stay in their own area and carefully consider the opportunity of traveling abroad”, Has explained. Except in exceptional circumstances, ‘Tier 4’ is not allowed to go abroad. “there is no evidenceThey said that the vaccine makes the vaccine less effective.

Wales and Scotland are in lockdown since midnight

I also canceled Scotland The relaxation of measures against SARS-CoV-2, which was introduced for the holiday season, except on Christmas day. Scottish Prime Minister Nicola Sturgeon announced this at a new conference Lockdown Starting 26 December and there are travel restrictions in the rest of the UK.
Whole too Wells The lockdown will begin at midnight, with holiday plans canceled for all days except Christmas. Prime Minister Mark Drakeford made the announcement after immediate talks with ministers on a new version of the coronovirus. “We know that 2021 will be a different and better year. Our economy will recover. Christmas will come again “, The premiere explained.


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