Coronavirus today: modern vaccine, after green light, EMA is fine for EU marketing. Von der Lein: “We’ll have another 160 million doses”

  Coronavirus today: modern vaccine, after green light, EMA is fine for EU marketing.  Von der Lein:

China, WHO mission does not stop only for visas

The delay in WHO experts’ long-planned mission to China to investigate the origins of the Kovid-19 epidemic is “not just a matter of visas”. Foreign Ministry spokesman Hua Chunying said it “continues on the specific date and specific organization of the group of experts to visit”. Yesterday, WHO director Tedros Adholm Ghebius announced, as expected, the departure of the team of scientists to China, declaring themselves “very disappointed” at the lack of green light from Beijing authorities.

“The question of basic discovery is incredibly complex,” Hua said. “To ensure that the work of the international expert team in China runs smoothly, we need to complete the necessary procedures and make relevant arrangements,” despite months of negotiations already spent on organizing the trip . The team of 10 experts was supposed to arrive in China this week, with the delicate task of determining how and where the virus passes from animals to humans, but, some of them are already on the road, with China entering from visas Has refused. . Despite the readiness for a mission clarified by President Xi Jinping in the WHO Assembly, Beijing is determined to investigate the reconstruction of the virus’s origins, which has killed more than 1.8 million people worldwide and devastated the global economy Have given. The first cases of coronovirus were lodged in the Chinese city of Wuhan in late 2019 in favor of the epidemic’s change in form of accusations and suspicions over chaotic and clandestine management by authorities. For example, ‘whistleblowers’, including Doctor Li Wenliang, sounded unheard alarms reminding Sars of mysterious pneumonia, while city journalists were arrested, including Zhang Zhan, the 37-year-old former president, who was past Sal was convicted. After being jailed for 4 years a week, she was accused of being “the cause of quarrels and troubles” due to the crisis on her blog. Despite the pressure, Beijing opposed launching an independent investigation, then raised suspicions that the epidemic had also started within its borders. Finally, Foreign Minister Wang Yi made an outspoken statement of “the epidemic has started in many places in the world” in recent times.

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