Coronavirus today. There were more than 500,000 deaths in the US. Vaccine administered in Italy, over 3.5 million doses

  Coronavirus today.  There were more than 500,000 deaths in the US.  Vaccine administered in Italy, over 3.5 million doses

Merano was sealed for fear of variants

From today the city of Merno is literally sealed. Fear of the spread of the South African version of the coronovirus, of which some cases have been detected, is bound to present a negative antigen test from today, not more than 72 hours old, to enter and exit the city of Pasirio. The police, coordinated by the government commissariat, have established checkpoints and divided the city into quadrants. Whoever enters or leaves Merano is controlled by the caravanieri, the police, the military, the financial police and the municipal police. “Given the influx of several thousand passengers and all imports and exports to and from the city, the checks are clearly random”, says Sub-Commissioner Herman Berger, extraordinary commissioner in the extraordinary management of the city of Merano, Anna Iida Bruges Helps. Berger explains, “In addition to checking people going by car, you also need to monitor who is using public transport, so the checks are done not only at the exit or entrance of the city, but also in the city Huh.” “Since you cannot control everything and everyone, you appeal to a sense of responsibility,” said the Deputy Commissioner. «The municipality has provided two stations, where antigen tests are performed. One is located at the entrance to Merino, in Sinigo, and the other at the school campus in Karl Colf. “There are thousands of people who have already been tested. However, people declined at the entrance to the city as they lacked a negative test. However, positive », it is too early to be the number on the events of Pirus. To manage the administrative work of the testing stations, the municipality of Merano has provided 40 municipal administrative staff, who support health workers who physically perform the tests. Meanwhile, the healthcare company has specified that negativity tests for Kovid-19 are valid for three days (72 hours) to leave South Tyrol municipalities for the spread of virus variants, on which days the test will not take place. “Now let’s see how the situation develops”, says Pirrus, who explains that “in addition to Merano since Wednesday, Moscow, other municipalities in Pesiria, Rifiano and San Pancharazio have been added, with the presence of the South African version , Lana, Malles and all the municipalities of Val Pasiria, where similar measures will apply ».

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