Councilor Cattaneo’s mission for COP27 was positive

3 public meetings and 8 bilateral meetings. This is the balance sheet of the mission Delegation of Lombardy Region Under the leadership of Councilor for the Environment and Climate, Raffaele Cattaneo at the Conference of the Parties to the United Nations Convention on Climate Change (COP27) in Sharm el-Sheikh.

« We were able to verify – Cattaneo explains – how The reductions in environmental policies that we are implementing in Lombardy are in line with world best practices. The approach and actions taken are similar to those in other developed regions, with differences that are clearly implemented by different regions. These meetings have allowed us to share a series of experiences to strengthen certain ties, even within international alliances. ‘Area 4’ And ‘Under 2 alliance’ of which we are already a part, valuable to focus the future policies of Lombardy”.

During the mission, the councilor participated in three public events.
On Thursday he spoke at a meeting on the contribution of states and territories to ‘Global Stocktech – Getting it Done’, organized by the Scottish Government as part of the ‘Under2 Coalition’ and ‘Region4’.
On Friday, Cattaneo was a speaker at a symposium organized by the Lombardy Foundation for the Environment and Region 4 in the Italian pavilion, titled ‘Transfer of supranational strategies for adaptation to climate change to the regional and local level’.
Instead Saturday was the turn of an appointment, managed by Region4 and Climate-Kick, dedicated to adaptation and innovation: ‘The Adaptation Innovation Lab’.

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,territory and subnational governments – Cattaneo continues – are at the heart of the foundation of policies to combat climate change, especially for the increasingly necessary adaptation measures. That is why we supported their more direct participation in climate negotiations at the COP.”

Days of several bilateral meetings with some of the world’s most developed regions were also punctuatedincluding Teresa Jorda, Minister of Climate, Food and Agriculture of Catalonia (Spain); Amaia Barredo, Deputy Minister of Economic Development and Stability of the Basque Country (Spain), Benoît Charette, Minister of Environment and Climate of Quebec (Canada); María Isabel Ortiz Mantilla, Minister of Ecology of the State of Guanajuato (Mexico), Eduardo Eduardo, Trani Undersecretary for Infrastructure and Environment São Paulo (Brazil); Mikel Irujo Amazaga, Minister of Economic and Entrepreneurship Development of Navarre (Spain), Magnus Berntsson, Minister of Environment of Västra Götaland (Sweden) and President of AER.

,areas we’ve met these days – repeated the commissioner – they represent 75 million people and are at the forefront of tackling climate change. They implement policies related to ecological transition, climate mitigation and adaptation, circular economy, transition to renewable sources, improvement of air quality and conservation of biodiversity. The topics we discussed and shared our respective best experiences. We’re back with more conviction than ever The path to competitiveness and development passes through the choice of stability. Lombardy wants to be the protagonist of this new development method».

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