Couple Lost Their Lottery Ticket, But Say They’re Happy “Not Winning”

Couple Lost Their Lottery Ticket, But Say They're Happy

The world is upside down. Who wouldn’t dream of hitting the jackpot in the lottery these days? If managing the latter’s advantage is sometimes complicated for this Scottish couple, the question doesn’t arise, says scottish flax. And for good reason, Martin and Kay Tot have actually validated the lotto ticket, but lost it. The case is twenty years old. Everything is going best for them in pairs, who regularly play lotto with the same numbers. One day in 2001, he learns that the winning draw has never resulted in a winner. Looking at the numbers, the man and woman find out that this is their ticket, because the numbers match.

Problem, the draw happened six months ago. And the rules of the game are adamant: a winner has a maximum of thirty days to report, otherwise the profit is lost. A situation that would change the lives of the taut couple at the time, as Martin and Kay would divorce a few weeks later. They will not blame this separation on the loss of the winning ticket that could have changed their lives. According to Martin’s testimony today, it “sheds light on our differences.” The man and woman saw that they would never agree on how to use all that money and their attitude about the couple.

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public support wasted

For Martin, not winning is a good thing: “There is no guarantee that we will find happiness,” he told our Scottish colleagues. In this case, one thing is certain: The winning ticket was theirs. Because after research, especially from the computer system of the lottery, it was proved that he was indeed the buyer of the ticket. And despite forty-five days of deliberation within the gaming center, the ax falls: They will not touch the sum. Martin recalls, “I experienced this loss of money like torture before my very eyes.”

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“For a while I forgot who I was and what I believed in. But I can honestly say today that I’m glad I lost those three million pounds,” he says. There was even a public campaign to help him recover his jackpot, which was either attended by Richard Branson or former Prime Minister Tony Blair. Martin also took the matter to court for five years. in vain. Today, everyone has rebuilt their lives. In 2001, Kay moved out. “We only knew each other for two years (…) He seems happy now.

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