Covid-19, remote work makes Austin a magnet for new jobs

Covid-19, remote work makes Austin a magnet for new jobs

Epidemics and the prospect of remote work have led to migration from New York and San Francisco to seniors, more affordable cities. Few have benefited more than Austin.

The Texas capital is attracting more corporate jobs and remote workers than ever before, tempted by lower costs and lower taxes. The commercial relocation announced in Austin Stein this year is expected to create about 10,000 jobs. According to the In Stein Chamber of Commerce, it is the city’s largest one-year record, and has been helping Covid-19 to thrive in the city’s tourism-based comfortable restaurants, bars and music venues.

Since there is no state income tax in that Texas, Austin winters are relatively short and mild and the social distance is easy in a city where houses are roomy and many people have gardens. Austin Stein has also managed to stay cheaper than San Francisco, Brooklyn and Manhattan by building tens of thousands of apartments over the past decade.

Tech investor J. Lonsdale said he and his venture-capital firm VC Aust Stein was moved, And the Royal Dutch Shell recently opened a studio in the city to develop energy vacuum-research ideas, including others that planned or planned the move.

‚ÄúRenting is so easy. Accommodation is very easy to get. Greg Schwartz, chief executive of real estate startup Tomo Networks, said it is much easier to get a business license in other locations. I don’t know. His Stamford-based company is preparing to open a co-headquarters in Austin.


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