COVID: “Vaccine is a right for all and not a privilege for some”


Vaccines for all, leave no one behind. The road map in Rome is under the banner of covid and calls for cooperation and solidarity Health Ministers’ G20. A commitment driven by the belief that to really turn the page, everyone has to conquer the pandemic. A synthesis of this ambitious goal, in the words of the Italian Health Minister Roberto Speranza: “The commitment of the Rome Treaty on which we are working is to create conditions for which the vaccine is the right of all and not the privilege of some – They say – and I think it is a commitment that all countries take part and on which we will work again tomorrow, in the hope of being able to close with a declaration shared and signed by all the countries present. have hope “.

Vaccination certificates for assembly places: United Kingdom in no particular order

And while, just to turn the page, Downing Street wants to close already this week to give the administration the green light for youth between the ages of 12 and 15, in the United Kingdom it’s up to discos and other Accelerates vaccination certificate. Meeting place.

“An essential measure to keep the economy alive”, Nadim Zhawi, the minister responsible for the distribution of vaccines, responds to the criticism: “by the end of September everyone will have the opportunity to complete the vaccination cycle”, he assures . And only at the end of the month is the goal of the entry into force of measurement in England. The model, the minister details, is a certification process initiated by the Football Association, football leagues across the channel: “a commendable work – they say – without which the championship would not go on”.

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For the time being, the liability would only belong to England: in Scotland, the majority and opposition have expressed open doubts on the matter. The measure is not currently on the agenda in Wales, while no official position emerges from Northern Ireland.


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